Speedleads Review, Avail Pricing for Lead Generation Tool

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Leads or traffic generation is very much important for promoting any brand. People follow various tools and strategies to do so. You have to be focused on the content based techniques to get more traffic. Speedleads is a nice helping kit for this task.

Features and Review of Speedleads

Many sites are getting a huge traffic. And, many sites cannot get the desired number. There are some techniques to become successful in this task. You have to convert every link into a traffic generating source. Some exclusive tools are there to make this successful. Speedleads is one of these tools. This browser add-on can perform so many tasks to bring more traffic. The more high quality traffic will ensure more leads. Some other tools take so much time to do the same job. But, this one requires a short duration. Some major features of this solution are as follows:


Use Hottest Contents

One of the main tasks of Speedleads is to add some call-to-action buttons. These buttons can place on any link you shared. That is why these buttons will bring new traffic in a quick time. An amazing retargeting facility has made this product more profitable. This solution helps to add the retargeting pixels on every lead box. That means, Speedleads is capable of driving the traffic across various platforms. Some of these platforms are Google, Facebook, and Sitescout. This solution can work with various eCommerce platforms, including LeadPages, PrestaShop, and Magento, etc.

Real Time Tracking

To judge the success of every campaign, it is very important to track every click and conversions. This task cannot be done manually. Speedleads is capable of doing this task. This software provides a real-time tracking facility. It will monitor and track all the clicks and conversions to measure the performance of a campaign. Every time, you don’t have to create a campaign manually. Speedleads has a duplication program. This program will sis capable of duplicating any campaign with just one click. That means, you can clone any successful campaign very easily. Every campaign of yours will look very good on any device. To ensure that, this tool has a mobile responsive feature.

Plans and Pricing

Before purchasing any license of this product, you have to select the number of brands that should be promoted. If your target is only one brand, then the Single Band License of this solution is enough. Only $37 should be paid to purchase this one. It allows to run as many campaigns as necessary to make only one brand popular. It does not provide any reseller right. Unlimited Brand License of Speedleads is more attractive. This product can be bought by paying only $47 as per 16 January 2018. You can deal with unlimited brands by using this solution. It is available with a reseller right.