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SPAMfighter Pro Coupon

SPAMfighter Pro Reviews

The term spam is used for unwanted messages. Mainly, if any unsolicited message is coming to your mail account repeatedly, then that can be called spam. These are very annoying and need to be filtered properly. There are some tools which can be used for stopping this. All of those are not recommendable of course. But I can recommend you the SPAMfighter for sure. This solution is associated with Microsoft to provide strongest spam filter facility to all the mailing systems. Better product than this one can be rarely found in the market. In this post, some main features and pricing options of this product have been mentioned. The above link direct to SPAMfighter Pro coupon. To avail this malware removal tool, the coupon code is embedded with the link itself.

Real Time Protection

Just after being installed, SPAMfighter will perform nonstop. All the annoying spam will be stopped by this. So the essential business message will not be affected at all. You can add certain email accounts and URLs to the blacklists. From those accounts, no message will reach your account. There are several mail frauds. The anti-phishing program of SPAMfighter is very much effective for working against those. It will provide you reliable spam abuse reports whenever you need. This software can work with Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail and others.

Some Advanced Features

There are some advanced and unique features offered by the SPAMfighter Pro. That is why this product is one of the most powerful tools in this field. It can sense the language of the emails. If you want to stop the emails of particular languages, this software will help you to do that. It will provide you suitable toolbar for the Microsoft Outlook. From your computer, you may access several email accounts. SPAMfighter do not need the permission to protect each of these. All of those will be strongly protected by it. Blacklist and whitelist entry facility are provided by this software also. And of course, the customers will get proper phone support for every problem they will face.

Pricing Options and Coupon

Depending on the total period of license and number of licenses, you can enjoy special prices. For example, if you want to get one license for one year, without the coupon, the necessary cost will be USD 29.00. But the same product can be enjoyed by 49.00 USD only for two years. Similarly, for 3 year subscription, the total cost will only be USD 65.00.  These unit costs will be valid for up to 5 licenses. Now let’s consider an example of purchasing more than that quantity. For purchasing 10 items of SPAMfighter Pro for 1 year, the unit price should be paid is 23 USD. That means the total fee will only be 230 USD. So, all types of customers can purchase this product by flexible prices.

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