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Sothink DHTML Menu

Sothink Tree Menu Coupon

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Sothink DHTML Menu Coupon

Sothink Webmaster Suite Review

There can be so many customers who need to purchase so many products of one software company. That is why most of the software companies provide software suites which are the combinations of various types of popular and essential products of those companies. The SourceTec Software Co. Ltd. offers some very popular software and tools and most importantly the Sothink Webmaster Suite. So many tools of this company have been added in this suite. By purchasing it by 349.95 USD, you will be able to get 8 top solutions of SourceTec Software in one place. There is Sothink Webmaster Suite coupon available, which will provide 10% discount here.

In this review, we have highlighted the built in tools of this product.

SoThink Tree Menu and DHTML Menu

These two are very popular product of this company and have been included with the Webmaster Suite. Normally, most of the good quality websites have the tree menu which can be very helpful for the website visitors. The Sothink Tree Menu will let you generate the tree menu codes within seconds and those will be very much friendly with the search engines. Any tree menu created by this tool will be perfectly compatible with all the popular web browsers. The built in resource of this tool is very big and from there you will get the templates and different tools to customize the tree menus.  The SoThink DHTML Menu of this brand will let you create the JavaScript menus even if you have no coding experience. All the tools for the customization of those JavaScript can be done with the provided tools of SoThink DHTML Menu. Without the promo, normally the prices of the SoThink Tree Menu and the DHTML Menu are only $59.95 and $65 respectively as per October 9, 2014. But when applying the SoThink DHTML Menu coupon, there will be some promotion price off on the purchase.

SWF Quicker and Video Converter

These are other two important software solution of the Sothink brand. If you are looking for such software which will help you to create the flash videos or animations and also let you edit those very easily, then you can use the SWF Quicker tool of the Sothink Webmaster Suite. It will provide you all the important implements and the drawing tools for creating and customizing the SWF files. The important thing is it can save the outputs in other formats also. The Sothink SWF to Video Converter of this suite can be used for changing the flash video format into different video formats like the mp4, AVI, MPG etc. It will let you crop the videos according to your necessity. Sothink Quicker and SWF to Video Converter can be purchased in $84.95 and $79.95 as of October 9, 2014.

Other Necessary Built-in Tools

Sothink Webmaster Suite has so many other tools like the JavaScript Web Scroller for customizing very attractive scrollers, Video Encoder for converting other videos into SWF format, SWF Decompiler for converting the SWF videos to HTML5 format etc.

So have SoThink DHTML Menu discount with the provided coupon code. Also make purchases of SoThink Tree Menu, Webmaster Suite as well as Flash Menu here with the same percentage reduction.