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SOS Online Backup Coupon Code

SOS Online Backup Review and Coupon

One of the best ways to choose an online backup solution is to compare the features of various types of backup solutions. SOS Online Backup can be recommended to you because it has been accepted by so many users all across the world. It will offer you all those features which you may look in any strong backup system. This very strong Online Backup Solution can be bought by an affordable prices. So if you choose this product then your investment will be reflected by its useful features. If you like to have this, there is coupon code not available. Just get SOS Online Backup discount as rebate, this will reduce the cloud storage cost. Some of those features are:

Strong File Archive System

Most of the online backup solutions of the world have file archive system, but all of these cannot save the file archive for a long time and all of those do not support all types of files for the archive system also. In this case, the biggest advantage of the SOS Online Backup System is it will store the previous version of all types of backup files for as many days as you want. Without the archive, this product will make the life change to the backed up files so that you don’t have to spend your valuable time for updating the backup files, after every change you make to the original files. For the increment backup facility, the SOS Online Backup can update the files more quickly. Another important thing is it can create and store the backups of those files which are stored in the internal drives on your device and also in the external drives.

Synchronization and Scheduling Systems

A very important facility of the backup files is those can be accessed from other types of computer and from anywhere. But if the files are not synchronized, then you will face problems to access those and find out the desired ones. That is why the SOS Online Backup can have a very advanced sync system so that you will enjoy accessing your desired data. A scheduling system of this product is very necessary for ensuring each of the data have been backed up.

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Other Essential Features

Security of the backups is very urgent. Keeping this thing in mind, this product will encrypt all the files so that no one can access those. The servers used for storing and protecting the data are completely protected and owned. If you purchase this, then you will get high quality support from the Infrascale, which is the provider of SOS Online Backup. The important thing about this product is, it is suitable for working with the devices of various operating systems like Windows and Mac. The monthly price of the Personal Cloud plan of this solution is only $7.99 for one computer and unlimited mobile device (as of November 24, 2014). SOS Business plan is also available and it is for unlimited number of computer and mobile devices.

The SOS Online Backup coupon code will be provided as rebate, so apply for this if you are looking to get a discount on the price. The cool cloud storage and online backup solution could be purchased if you like such sophisticated modern solution.