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SocialOomph Discount

Overview of the SocialOomph and Discount

Different types of tools can be used for increasing the social media productivity. But before selecting any tool for such purpose, you must consider the features of that product. If you do not consider the features of the product, then you may not get the targeted results from that. Among various types of social media productivity tools, the SocialOomph is one of the bests. The features of this product can be categorized into two different classes such as the main features and additional features. When talking about SocialOomph promo and discount, we have discussed about all the features of the SocialOomph here.

All the Features of it

Features of this product for the Twitter productivity are very impressive. The automatic tweets system can be activated by this tool and by this manner you will be able to set the schedule which will be followed by the SocialOomph for the tweeting. The keyword tracking program of this tool is very advanced. You can save the texts to the drafts for further uses. SocialOomph offers the URL shortening facility and also the retweeting facility which will be very helpful for increasing the Twitter productivity. After purchasing this product, you will be able to use it with five different Twitter accounts without paying any extra charge. The automatic DM sending system can be used if you want to send DMs to those who newly follows you. It can be used for following the followers very easily. Finding the quality followers in Twitter is not so difficult if you have the SocialOomph. It has very effective Twitter account filter and the keyword search tool which will let you find out the quality Twitter accounts and targeted friends.

The SocialOomph can also be used the Facebook accounts and the good news is it can be used for dealing with the unlimited Facebook accounts with one license. It will help you to update the Facebook status, group updates, etc. automatically with the scheduled facility. The group updates and photo uploads can also be done with his innovate product. Just like the Facebook accounts, this software can also work with the unlimited numbers of Plurk and LinkedIn accounts. It will help you to update the status by schedule to those social media accounts.

How to avail SocialOomph discount: This is mentioned in the beginning, so get the coupon and discount as mentioned. Make sure to email to have the rebate.

Different Plans of This Product

To get the free trial version of this product, you just have to sign up and then you have to take the trial version. You will be allowed to use the trial version for 7 days. After that, if you feel satisfied, then you will be able to upgrade the free trial version to Professional version very easily. To get the license of the SocialOomph Professional version you can pay the price through the PayPal or other payment gateways. Twitter Unlimited Subscription can be added to the SocialOomph Professional by paying additional price.