SocialCentiv Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

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No matter what kind of business you run, the sales of that should be increased. In this twenty-first century, traditional steps are not much effective. Now, you have to take more effective steps. As an example, you can target different social media for increasing the sales. There are various marketing tools which can help you for this purpose.

SocialCentiv Review

SocialCentiv is very impressive marketing tool which can be used with Twitter. As we all know that the Twitter is one of the most popular social media, it can be the target of anyone. From there a large number of the customer can easily be found. And this tool will help the users to get new customers from Twitter. Other features of this are:

Detects Relevant Tweet

There are several basic features of the SocialCentiv. All those features are very much important. When you will target Twitter for finding new customers, you have to target the relevant tweet. This product will let you find those tweets with ease. Dealing only with the original persons can be done with the help of this software. Just similarly, this software also has the capability to remember the relevant tweets. Those will be very effective for your business. Actually, SocialCentiv will learn those from the replies you will give to others. This product can deal with various keywords that are good for your business.

Targets Local Customers

Depending on the business, the customers should be targeted. If you want to provide your products globally, the people all over the world are the potential customers. And in some cases, you may just focus on specific country or area. SocialCentiv actually is suitable for all these cases. It can target only the local tweets very efficiently and make more customers from the targeted area. The instant interaction feature of this product is very useful also. It can automatically do several tasks for you. For example, it can retweet automatically. And of course, SocialCentiv can send an automatic reply to others.

SocialCentiv Pricing of Different Plans

Actually, two main plans have been offered for the SocialCentiv. If you want a customized plan, then you have to contact the support team. The most popular license of this Twitter marketing tool is Reply Pro. This one can be enjoyed by USD 349 per month. It offers very efficient dedicated account manager and conversion tracking solution. The professional tweeting facility has also been integrated with this. For these advantages, it is perfect for the business owners. The large agencies can choose the Enterprise Plan which has a very powerful reporting system. Influencer tweeting team is another big advantage of this license of SocialCentiv. As per 27 November 2015, the cost for this plan is $1,500/month. In the mid part of this post, I have mentioned the basic features of this product. All those features are added to all the available plans.