Social Warfare Review: Get Pricing for the WordPress Plugin

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Nowadays, it is possible to get a huge traffic from various types of social media. But for doing task very efficiently, you have to depend on a social sharing plugin. One of the best social sharing plugins is the Social Warfare. This one is capable of generating very efficient social sharing buttons.

Social Warfare Review and Features

We know that WordPress plugins are of various types. Each of these plugins can add some additional facilities to any site. But some of these tools are really very useful. For example, by using just a simple plugin, you can share so many contents on various social media. These are called the social sharing plugins. All these tools are not equally reliable. Among all of these, Social Warfare is a big and popular name. This tool offers some very important features. Some of these are as follows:

Social Warfare

Eye Catching Buttons

To increase the number of social shares, you have to add different types of sharing buttons on a website. Social Warfare can do this task very efficiently. And most importantly, this tool can add some eye catching buttons. There are some types of buttons, which requires more time for sharing anything on social networks. But this plugin will add some lightning fast buttons. For this reason, the number of shares will grow very quickly. Sometimes, some buttons may not match with a website. In that case, you will be allowed to customize these as per necessity.

Share Own Contents

When any visitor will press on a share button, something from your website will be shared on the social networks. Now the thing is, what you want to share. Social Warfare will give you full freedom in this case. You can set some attractive text posts for this task. This feature is very important for Facebook. In case of Twitter, it is possible to set some attractive quote. In this case, you can also add some images. Social Warfare is very impressive in dealing with Pinterest. On this social network, it is possible to share so many attractive images.

Plans and Pricing

After considering all the features, it can be said that Social Warfare is a very powerful tool. But, you don’t have to pay a big amount for purchasing this one. As per this post writing time, this product has three different licenses. Among these, Lieutenant’s Package is the smallest one. This license will let you install this tool on only one website. It can be enjoyed by paying only 29 USD/year. Captain’s Package of this tool is available for only 135 USD/year. This one will allow you to use Social Warfare on 5 different websites. And for 10 websites, Colonel’s Package is available. To purchase this one, 250 USD should be paid in a year. A 45-day money back guarantee is available with each of these packages.