SniperSpy Review : Get a Cool Pricing for the Spy Software

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For many reasons, the computers need to be monitored remotely and to do this you have to use reliable spy software. Some reliable computer monitoring software cannot be used in computers of both the Windows operating system and Mac. If you are looking for such remote spy software which has both the Windows and Mac version then you can choose the SniperSpy v8.0. Each of the versions of this software is full of important features. No matter you choose which version of this product that will provide so many essential features.

Why to choose the SniperSpy v8.0

If you need to monitor your computer to be ensured that which programs are running into that device when you are not near to that device then you can use this efficient remote monitoring software. It will let you know what types of apps are installed on the targeted devices. The chat filter tool of the SniperSpy is very essential because this tool will inform you about the chat histories of your employees or children.

During the working hours or when you are absent, what are the social media activities of your employees or teens can be monitored by the social media filter of the SniperSpy. It will also help you to control the time for which the targeted computers will be used.

Features of This Remote Monitoring Software

The Activity Monitoring tools of the SniperSpy are very essential and one of those tools is the screen capturing tool. This tool will let you to take the screenshots of the targeted computers to know which activities are running there. This remote monitoring software will provide you the full report on each of the keystrokes typed by the keyboard of the computers. So you will be able to know the online ids and passwords of your employees and children.

The websites visited by them from the targeted computes will also be reported to your very efficiently. Even which folders and files have been opened can be monitored easily. SniperSpy email spy tool has the capability to monitor the emails received and sent from the computers. Recording the surrounding audio is another great and latest advantage of this remote spy software.

You can use the webcam of the targeted device to take the snapshot of who is using that device. With the help of real time screen viewers of this software, you will be able to view the activities going on the computers live.

System Requirements for Using SniperSpy

The Windows version of this monitoring software can work with each and every version of the Windows operating system. It will provide the best performance of your PC has 1 GB RAM. The Mac version of this product is also very friendly and it has the capability to work with the Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.9 versions.