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SmartSync Pro Coupon

SmartSync Pro Review

Everybody is not concern about protecting the data stored on their computer. But as a knowledgeable person, you may know that the computer can be crashed any time. If your hard disk crashes, several important data can be lost completely. So before that happens, you must use a reliable data backup solution. I am recommending you the SmartSync Pro which is not just an ordinary solution. Most of the backup solutions do not offer the synchronization facility. But this one has these advanced features. That is why, you will never lose your files and data again. So when discussing about the coupon, that means SmartSync Pro discount, features of this software are also mentioned:

Comprehensive Backup Facilities

This software has the capability to store the copy of the files on computers, external memory devices and DVDs. Even it can also save the backups to the FTP servers. Among various folders, it can synchronize the data by deleting the mismatched files. Like the most advanced backup solutions, the SmartSync pro can store the backups in ZIP format. So that, to the backup storage, minimum space will be used. From the remote backup storages, this product can restore the files very easily and quickly. It supports the disk spanning facility and password protection to the stored files.

Affordable for Everybody

Perhaps the suitable pricing plans have made this product more attractive to the customers. Suppose you want to use this product only on your personal computer. In this case, the single license of it can be purchased. The cost for this is only $45 as per this post writing time. You will be allowed to use that license to one or two different PCs. SmartSync Pro multiple licenses can be purchased by reducing unit cost. For the 2-5 licenses, the unit cost is only $39 normally without the discount. Similarly, for 6-10 licenses can be enjoyed by the unit price 34 USD. The Less unit cost will be offered for more number of licenses of SmartSync Pro. But when you have the discount coupon for this data synchronization tool, it will be much cheaper.

Impressive Mirroring Features

One of the most unique features of the SmartSync Pro is the synchronization facility. Sometimes, you may need to synchronize several data on multiple computers. This product will help you in those cases. For doing so, it is necessary not connecting all those computers through networks. It has the capability to compress the new files and share those to the targeted PCs. The tracking program of this software will monitor the deleted files and newly added files. It can send the necessary files to any kind of removable devices. Now it is very important to consider which file versions are supported by the SmartSync Pro. By considering this, the effectiveness of this product can be judged very easily. This software can deal with 100 file versions very impressively. The efficient filtering program is another good thing about this product. Only the necessary files can be filtered by this with ease.

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