Smartsupp Discount: Cool Coupon on Live Chat Software

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Enjoy nice 10% cash back as Smartsupp discount. The cashback applies for Standard and Pro license both. Please check out the Smartsupp image.


Smartsupp Review

Smartsupp is a tool that users can use to connect with the visitors of the website. It is important to have a solid connection with the customers. It is really hard to make sure that people can connect with the visitors and know the opinion one by one. However, users will be easily able to connect with the visitors when they have the live chat option. The relationship and bonding between to the customers. Smartsupp can be used to build a communication with the customers and make better bonding. Please purchase Smartsupp with the discount coupon. The Smartsupp coupon will be really helpful.

Important Features

Smartsupp can be useful to chat with the visitors. It is important to know the visitors demand in order to run a business. A business cannot remain without giving importance to the customers. Just like that, a website is nothing without its visitors. Therefore, it is the 1st priority of the users to take care the interest of the visitors. There are many ways users can ensure that visitors are having enough support by use of this application. Just to say as an example, if a visitor faces a problem with the product, visitors will be able to know the solution of it by asking through live chat. Users will be able to see the things visitors are browsing online by this application. Users will be able to approach the customers according to the page they visit. For example, the user is running a supplement website. User can see the visitor’s action and suggest them the supplement they need.

The user will be able to record the action of the visitors. It will help users to know a lot of things about the customers. It will help users to observe the visitors very closely. The motion of the mouse, how much time visitor gives to each screen, how many visitors are clicking on the sites. This will give a deeper understanding about the visitors. Just for an example, if a visitor is spending very less time in each screen, the visitor might as well be randomly using the website. In that case, users can ask visitors the things they are looking for on the site. Another example, if the visitor is giving most of the screen time to one product. The visitors should be asked why they are giving a lot of time to that screen.

Auto Message and Personalized Messages

Smartsupp also can be responsive in the smartphone. It means anyone browsing the site with smartphone also can be accessed. Users can send the personalized messages to the customers. Users also can send auto messages to the visitor which will immensely save a lot of time.

Pricing Plans and Discount of Smartsupp

Smartsupp has 2 pricing plans. The starter package is only 8 dollars excluding the discount. The pro package is only 19 dollars for all.

So, please make a purchase of the live chat software with our coupon. For any more inquiry on the Smartsupp discount, please drop us an email.