SmartOCR Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review for the Software

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To convert any scanned document file into editable files, SmartOCR is a reliable one program. Besides, with this tool, the users will be able to convert almost all the scanned images and text files into the searchable files.

SmartOCR Review

In managing this term, it contains the original file format and the layout. It manages a direct connection with the scanner.

Why This Tool?

SmartOCR contains all the advanced level technologies. In case of recognizing the characters, it maintains the best accuracy condition. Even, the quality of the scanned images is very low; you can use this tool for getting the desired result. The interface section of this tool is very simple to operate. Without having any technical skill or knowledge, you can use this tool to maintain the conversion process. Various types of image formats can be supported by this like JPEG, GIFF, TIFF, BMP, and JPG and so on. Inside this, the built-in editor section contains spell checking functionality. That’s why; any type of error can easily be found out in a quick process. Besides, multiple files can be supported by this simultaneously. Here, the users can specify the output formats in the conversion process.

Working Procedures and the Features

SmartOCR is very flexible to operate. It holds all the needed features and the options in a systematic way. While using this, you will get a simple term to browse any scanned document file or image file. Here, you can enable drag and drop system. Besides, multiple inputs are supported here. So, a lot of files from various formats can be inserted for conversion. After that, the editor section of this tool will correct the available errors and the problems. Besides, by depending on your need, you can customize any specific part in the input file. You can add or edit the needed text or images. Besides, the layout section and designing part can also be handled through this. After completing the editing part, you can mention the output format. As an output format, you can select RTF, DOC or HTML format. After that, the destination folder is needed to specify. Then, the users can ask for the conversion process. By depending on this tool, the available input files will be converted into the desired file without having any error. Even every output file contains the searching functionality. All these activities can be controlled through a manual or automatic process.

Pricing Level of SmartOCR

SmartOCR offers two versions having a little bit variation in the feature category. To get SmartOCR, you need to pay only $49. Inside SmartOCR Pro version, batch manager, custom dictionaries, watched folder and windows shell have been integrated. To get this, only $99 is needed. Both these two packages contain the needed support and the features.