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Smart OCR Coupon

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Smart OCR – Efficient Character Recognition Solution000

Sometimes you may have no time to retype the hard copy of any document. But what will you do if you need to get the soft copy of that? You may scan the paper for sending to others. But that will not be effective when you need to make that editable. For doing this task you will need the OCR or Optical Character Recognition software. I can recommend you the Smart OCR which is a very popular product of the Smart Soft Company. If the review of the product seems interesting, then get it from our site with the discount and special coupon. You are not in need of any other coupon code.

Advanced Technology Used

It can be seen that all the character recognition software can convert the words and table very efficiently. But in most of the cases they cannot deal with the page layouts. But if you choose the Smart OCR to use then it will also deal with the layouts finely. It shows very effective formatting performance. All of these have been possible because the Smart Soft Company offers very advanced technology to create this product. The images, columns, scales and other properties of the scanned documents will be formatted by this software. It is very important to consider the accuracy level of any tool. No software can operate with 100% accuracy. Smart OCR shows very near to that full level.

Supports Multiple Formats

One of the biggest advantages of this software is it converts the scanned documents into different file formats. You can easily create PDF and Doc files with this product. Even it can convert the documents into HTML formats. Most of the people loves to deal with the PDF files. You may also work with that format also. Normally products like Smart OCR offer cannot make such file editable. But this product can do so perfectly. That means the output document can easily be edited. For editing the texts easily, this tool has built in text editor. Very much effective spell checker has been integrated with this software. You can consider the Smart OCR helpful for increasing the productivity. It actually works faster than so many other tools. So you will get your documents ready in time.

Coupon and Pricing of Smart OCR

Actually, there are two versions of this character recognition software. Smart OCR is available for $99.90 only and the Pro version of it can be purchased by $199.90 only. This is the pricing with the coupon. Both of these products offer the features discussed above. But the Pro edition of it offers some additional features. That is why the price of that is higher. Integration with MS Office is one of the best products of this advanced product. It can also be integrated with the Windows shell. Built in batch manager tool is another great benefit of this. For this reason, it can work with group of documents at the same time. The Pro edition also supports custom dictionaries.

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