Smart DNS Proxy Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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Many of us know about the virtual private networks and the DNS proxy. Sometimes we need to hide our IPs. And sometimes we need to visit such websites where the permission is not available. In those cases, the DNS Proxy can be used. It cannot be said that the reliable DNS proxy providers are very big in number. But there are some companies which are highly recommended. One of those is the SmartDNSProxy. Actually, this company offers the product with some additional features and facilities. Here are some of those attractive and useful features and facilities:

Smart DNS Proxy

Features and Review of SmartDNSProxy

You may have seen that some of the websites are restricted to visit from your area. But sometimes those can be very important for you to visit. In those cases, the SmartDNSProxy will help you. You can easily visit any of the restricted websites like Hulu, HBP, and WWE Network etc. Some of the video channels on YouTube are blocked in some regions. With the help of this product, you will be able to access those channels very easily.

And the PlayStation lovers will not miss their favorite games if they take help from this product. Sometimes your ISP can block Twitter. But the SmartDNSProxy will never l let this happen again. Similarly, this will help you to get connected with the video and music services all the times. Some of the popular names of those categories are ABC, NBC, MTV, ESPN, and Fox Sports etc.

Reasonable Pricing Plans

The pricing plans offered by SmartDNSProxy are very attractive and reasonable. You can get the access to this service by choosing any of the four available plans. The Monthly Plan is available for only 4.90 USD/month. The 3 Months Plan is more cost effective because 12% discount is available with this. For getting this plan for three months, you have to pay only 12.90 USD according to this post writing time.

You can also get this service by paying for one year at a time. In that case the price will only be 39.90 USD. That means, 32% discount will be available with this. The 24 month plan of SmartDNSProxy is the largest plans of them all. The customers who will choose this one, will get all the facilities for 2 years by paying just 49.90 USD. Each of these four plans can be enjoyed for two weeks without any cost.

All-in-One Solution

The SmartDNSProxy has achieved huge popularity because it is the combination of VPN, SmartVPN and Smart DNS Proxy. You don’t have to pay separately for getting these services individually. The Smart DNS Proxy supports more than 200 different services. That means, there will be no more restriction for you. SmartDNSProxy will allow five different VPN connections at the same time. It will also ensure very secure internet traffic all the time. Unlimited device access is also a great feature of this service.