Slingbox Review : Get an Amazing Pricing for the Product

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It is not desirable to carry the TV all the times. So what you can do is to use the mobile phones or laptops into a television device. The Slingbox Company offers the Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500 which will help you to turn your device into the TV. This company also provides very efficient SlingPlayer which can be used for watching live TV in different types of connected and mobile devices. Let’s consider the main features of the products of the Slingbox Company.

Highlights of the Products of the Slingbox

These are the two editions of the Slingbox and both the editions have some common features. Though the Slingbox 500 is more powerful, the Slingbox 350 is also very high quality. First of all, let’s look at the features which are available with both these editions. Ethernet connection is available with both these editions and that is why these have become more efficient.

There are some other companies which offer such devices which can turn the computers and mobile devices into live television, but the main problem with most of those products is those cannot show the videos in high quality. This problem is absent in both the editions of the Slingbox. The setup process of the Slingbox 350 as well as Slingbox 500 is very simple so that everybody will be able to set those with the targeted device very easily. These products of the Slingbox Company will let you watch the TV on multiple screens. One of the most attractive features is you don’t have to pay any fee monthly for either version of Slingbox.

Slingbox 500

Slingbox 500 is more advanced, as we said earlier, and that is why this edition offers various additional features. Built-in Wi-Fi is one of the best advantages of the Slingbox 500. This edition has the USB port as well as the HDMI in and out ports. If you purchase this edition of the Slingbox then you will get a remote control with it. It can be used for opening the media files from the internal storages.

The Features of the SlingPlayer

If you do not want to buy the Slingbox device for watching the TV on the screen of your devices like the computers and mobile phones then you can use the SlingPlayer to watch TV in those devices. In this case you must have the internet connection in the targeted devices. This player is very much suitable for watching different types of live TV Channels. Just like the Slingbox, there are different versions of the SlingPlayer. You can buy the SlingPlayer for Mobile Devices if you want to watch TV in your mobile phones or tablets. On the other hand, if you want to watch TV on your desktop computer, then then you can use the SlingPlayer for Connected Devices.