SiteVault Backup Software Review : Get an Exclusive Pricing

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Not only the computer backup, but also various types of website backup solutions is available. It is seen that most of the site backup solutions are offered for monthly costs. This system is not friendly and attractive. Everyone looks for such product which can enjoy by paying a one-time cost.

Features and Review of SiteVault

The SiteVault Pro is such solution. This amazing software can consider as one of the most popular solutions in this particular field. It contains so many features which can attract all types of customers. Some of the main features of it have been discussed in this review.

The Basic Facilities

This software needs very low amount of CPU usage and that is why it will not affect the system. Both the Windows and Linux servers are supported by SiteVault. The background working capability of this product is very impressive. That is why you will not disturb when it will do it works. The SiteVault will allow you the access and open the files from the backups. It can create the backups from the development servers very efficient. All the local folders and files can be the target of this amazing software.

Flexible Pricing Plans

All the customers do not need the backup solutions for the same number of websites. That is why the SiteVault is available with four different plans. One of those is the Basic Plan, which is for 5 websites only. To get this, you have to pay 39 USD. For backing up 15 different websites, you can choose the Advanced License by 59 USD.

The Extra Plan is the most popular license offered for SiteVault. As of 31 January 2016, one-time fee of this product is 99 USD only. Some of the customers may need this solution for unlimited number of websites. For them the Unlimited License has been offered. This one is available for only 299 USD. None of these plans require any setup fee or recurring payments. And 30-day trial version is available for each of those.

Some Advanced Features

It is the fact that there are so many website backup solutions. So the question can be why you need to purchase the SiteVault? And the answer is very simple and that is this product offers some unique features. This is one of those very few software which can provide the backup facility for the logical database.

For this kind of product, it is very important to have a powerful cleanup engine. This feature is necessary for keeping the relevant backups. The SiteVault has this impressive feature. It also has the email notification system which will be very helpful in some cases. This software can work with millions of files for the backups. And most importantly, it has been tested for 8TB total backups during one session. And it can handle more than that also.