Sitemile WordPress Themes Review : Get an Awesome Pricing

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Visit the websites of the Sitemile Company and get various types of WordPress themes and extensions in one place. If the quantity of the Sitemile products cannot impress you, the qualities of each of those products will impress for sure.

Attractive Products of the Sitemile

Each of the WordPress themes of this company has specific specialty, though you can use those creating different websites. Similarly the extensions of this brand will make your WordPress sites more customizable and friendlier. Different types of club packages are also provided by the Sitemile. In this review, we have discussed about the main themes and extensions of this company.

Major Themes of This Brand

Though there are so many options if you want to buy WordPress themes from Sitemile, some themes of this company are highly useful. For example the Penny Auction Theme of this company will let you convert your general WordPress site into a genuine auction site where you will be able to buy different types of products by auction. This theme is very much helpful in addition the new auctions and customizing the running auctions.

Various payment gateways can be integrated into your site with the help of this theme. The price of the single license of this product is only $69.99. Another similar type of theme of this company is the Responsive Auction Theme.

If you are looking for very advanced business directory theme, then the Buzzler Business Directory theme of the Sitemile Company can be a great option for you. One of the most important features for this product is it is perfectly suitable for not only the small business sites but also for larger business sites. Geo tagging system is another huge advantage of this product. It has the multiple layout option and different types of monetization tools have been added in this theme.

It supports so many languages so that you can create the business directory websites by using this targeting different areas of the world. With different posts, you will be allowed to upload various types of files. Buzzler Theme supports various payment gateways. For creating the classified ads website very easily, you can use the Classified Ads theme of Sitemile and this theme is one of the best premium themes of this company.

Attractive WordPress Extensions

It can be said that the extensions of this company can be very necessary in some purposes. By using the radius search plugin to the project sites, you will be able to let the customers or users of your site to find their desired projects very easily. The micro job sites created by the Sitemile Pricerr theme can be more useful if you install the Pricerr theme payment gateway extension to those sites. The payment gateway plugins for other types of websites are also provided by the Sitemile Company.