Site Translator of Deskshare Review : Get Awesome Pricing

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One cannot say the Deskshare is the source of ordinary quality products. This software company offers really useful and unique types of software. Some products of this brand have achieved huge popularity also. One of such tools is the Site Translator which can offer the amazing translation facility to the websites. And the most impressive thing is it can also offer the same facility to the .NET applications. You will get all the necessary features from here. Perhaps there are very few tools which can be considered as better than this one for the translating purposes. Let’s see some of the main features of this product:

Review of the Site Translator

There is some software of other brands which require the source code modification. Without doing so, you cannot use this product to translate the websites. But the Site Translator of Deskshare will not need any kind of source code modification. Just after purchasing it will be ready to be used. This software is suitable for all kinds of web developers. And the website owners can also choose this for their websites.

We all know that, various kinds of languages can be used for creating the websites. Site Translator has no problem to work with any kind of sites. It actually supports the sites created by PHP, PHTML, HTML and other languages. Similarly, the .NET software can be of different languages. This product will work with those without any problem.

Totally Reasonable Pricing

To get the Site Translator, you don’t have to spend much of your money. According to 5 February 2016, price of the license of this product is only $189.95. After purchasing this license, you will able to use this translating solution for one year. The CD of this product can also be purchased. But in that case, you have to pay additional $10.

In general, the support team of Deskshare is very impressive. But for some cases, you may prefer the priority support. So you can get the facility of that priority support by paying 89 USD only. Trial version of this product is very free of cost. So you can check the quality of this product before paying the price.

Powerful Translation Capability

Not just one or two, the Deskshare Site Translator supports 19 different languages. Some of the supported languages are English, Indonesian, Czech, Italian, German, and Spanish, etc. That means, this software has actually removed the barrier of languages. For converting the web contents into different languages, it requires very little time. So this product is very much useful for maintaining the multi-lingual websites.

There are various search engines for different specific languages. Site Translator will help you to list your site into those search engines very easily. This amazing solution can translate the hyperlink texts also. Even the titles of the pictures can also be translated by it.