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New types of online income procedures have been invented. Now it is time to start something new along with conventional technique. Link shortening is a new technique and already it has earned so much popularity. Various companies are offering this service to website and business owners. is one of those. The process of earning money in this manner is very easy and safe. It will shorten your link when anyone will click on that link, advertise from this company will be shown. After that, visitors will be redirected to your site. By doing this, you will earn money. If you are impressed with the review, then get it with our discount coupon. The coupon is going to be really helpful. Here are some amazing features of this service:

Some Ready Tools

Shortest has come with some necessary tools and plugins. That is why, user does not have to face any difficulties. Very large range of monetization is possible for those tools. Using this service, any kind of links can be shortened. Only you need is to provide the links. And it is also helpful to place those links in anywhere. Whenever visitors will click on those short links, they have to wait for a while. Meanwhile, premium ads will be shown to them for which you will get money. There are some other companies who offer link shortening. But in case of, it is possible to earn more money. The main reason behind this is, this service never provides any link which is not premium. That is why. You will get confirm money for each click from visitors.

 Pricing Option and Discount

Some companies are there to offer link shortening services for only English speaking customers. But in case of, service for both English and Spanish speaking audiences is available. But it is also fact that, for English speaking audiences, the payout rate is higher compared to Spanish speaking audiences. For the United States, this payout rate is 14.04 USD which is highest. In case of United Kingdom, rates are respectively 10.75 and 5.81 USD excluding the discount. For Australian customers, the payout rate is 8.61 USD as per this post creation time. Spanish speaking audiences can also enjoy for it is reasonable payout rate. For Spain and Mexico, rates are 3.50 USD and 1.10 USD respectively.

Complete Reporting Facility is capable of regular reporting about every statistic of earning. Configurable script is another very good advantage of this service. You just have to copy those scripts and paste to your website very easily. Sharing on Facebook and other social media can also be a way of getting revenue. Followers and friends of those social media can click on those shared links to bring money for you. has come with so many WP and Blogspot tools. That is why, this service is perfect for sharing links on websites and blogs along with different types of contents.

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