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To decorate our modern life, we need to depend on the online system. In fact; the online system has offered a lot of facilities by which we can maintain the shopping system quite easily. Besides, the ecommerce based activities are totally connected with the online section.  Under this category, ShipStation is a needed one platform in these days.

ShipStation and the Full Overview

This web based company is mainly used to help the retailer’s processes and the shipping system with the ordering processes from the most used marketplaces. Besides, the shopping cart activities are also maintained through this. This platform was developed by Jason Hodges & Byron Wier almost in 2011. By depending on this platform, you can easily import or manage the orders with the shipping system.


Why Users depend on ShipStation

ShipStation is considered as one of the best online sellers in this time. To manage the selling process as well as the shipping process, this is an easiest one platform to get the orders from the customers. It can connect with the online storefronts, shopping carts and the marketplaces. To maintain the connection process, it holds the needed tools. Besides, the order retrieval system is also integrated here. After that, you can manage the status and the tracking system with the auto update system that will be sent to the stores. After ordering for any product, the shipment process and the tracking info will be sent to the authorized customers.

Process all the Shipment: To ensure all the available shipment like UPS, DHL, FedEx, it applies a single account system. After that, you can batch the print of the needed labels at a time. After that, to compare the prices of the products, it offers the real time update of the product information.

Automatic Configuration: ShipStation offers the way to manage the automation option. With this option, you will be able to organize every single task as well as the shipping decision with the automatic process. To manage the weight and the dimension for the available packages, it offers some formulas. Besides, the simple rules ensure the framework for the import and the sorting process of the orders.

The Facilities under This

Brand name Show Off process: This platform offers the system to customize the packing slip and the confirmation email of the shipment system with own branding. Here, you will be able to preview the product with the corresponding product. Then, the barcode system can be attacked for the scanning system.

Support: The team of ShipStation holds the own products and it has a lot of experience which are very helpful to support the customers. The supportive team is able to provide Webinar system, ecommerce based blog and the community forums.