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ShieldAV Coupon

ShieldAV Features and Review

PC protection tools are most commonly used software worldwide. High number of companies are offering this kind of products for the security of the computers. And these products are of various kinds. But still the antivirus solutions are the most popular. The Shield Apps Software Company provides various types of computer protection tools along with some utilities. Among those the ShieldAV is one of the best products. This antivirus is very strong, efficient and affordable. In this review, all the features of this tool have been highlighted. Avail all the ShieldAV features with the coupon offer. Let’s have a look at those features:

Complete PC Protection

The Shield Antivirus is the protection kit which can work against all the computer threats. Some of the common threats are the viruses, bots, Trojans, and spywares. All of these will be detected by this protection software and then removed. As it can work against the spyware, the privacy will be protected very strongly. Real time monitoring is one of the best features of the ShieldAV. For this feature, this software can deal with all the security issues. All types of hacking attempts will be stopped by this protection solution. Most of the strong protection tools have the scheduled scanning facility. This product of Shield Apps also has that feature. So you just have to set all the things once and then it will work depending on schedule. The threat database of this software is very large and informative. That is why it can perform the deep threat scanning. By this scanning, this software will detect each and every small and strong threat. Get the complete PC protection services by purchasing it with our ShieldAV discount.

Automatically Updating Facility

Everyday new types of viruses and threats are emerging. That is why it is very important to use the updated version of the software. The ShieldAV is the software which will be updated automatically. That is why it will stop all the new threats as well as the old ones. With so many powerful protection facilities, this product also has some other features. The History Cleaner tool is one of those. The web browser history will be removed by this history cleaner. This feature is also useful for the privacy protection. Another additional tool is the startup manager. The program startup time will be reduced by this program. Sometimes you will need to erase so many personal files for good. The secure file eraser of ShieldAV will do this task for you.

Very Attractive Pricing and Coupon

The license cost for the ShieldAV was 99.99 USD in the past. But as per 27 July 2016, the cost of the Single PC License is only 89.99 USD excluding the coupon. That means, you can save 10 USD if you purchase this right now. You can also get the Privacy Shield with the ShieldAV. In this case, you will get 50% discount for the Privacy Shield. That means, you just have to pay 19.99 USD for this. This additional tool will keep your PC free from all kinds of malware and spyware. This software works on the computers of all the versions of Windows operating system.

Get the powerful protection of ShieldAV by purchasing it with our discount offer. For any further inquiries regarding the ShieldAV coupon, kindly drop us an email.