ServerPress Review: Get an Exclusive Pricing

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The WordPress users should always feel happy with their sites due to amazing flexibility of those. For different purposes, you may need to deal with plenty of websites. In the manual process, you have to create and design a site first. Then various tools and plugins should be installed on that. The domain name should be purchased for that. And after all these, a professional quality website can be generated. All these time-consuming tasks can be done from the same platform.

ServerPress Review

ServerPress provides very impressive DesktopServer will let you create and manage the WordPress sites very easily and quickly. This server has two different editions. Those are:

Some Basic Features

The DesktopServer Limited has all the basic features. This product of ServerPress will let you manage only three websites. Domain name mapping support is one of the big features of this. Both the Apache and MySQL servers are included in this. This is a cross-platform product which is compatible with both the Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Basically, this ServerPress product is for WordPress. But it actually works with WordPress more conveniently. But that does not mean it cannot deal with other websites. It supports those also. The DesktopServer will let you copy one site very efficiently. All the contents and components including plugins and themes can also be copied by this. For generating new websites, you can use those copied contents.

Advantages of Premium Edition

Features of the Limited Edition of this product of ServerPress are awesome. In the Premium Version, all those are included. But this paid product will serve you more. This WordPress multi-site supported solution can handle the unlimited number of sites. There are various backup services for WordPress. Some of those are BackupBuddy, ManageWP, InfiniteWP, and others. This product hand import all those very efficiently. It supports Abode Dreamweaver, ByPass Login, and all other necessary plugins.

Pricing of These Servers

The DesktopServer Limited of ServerPress is free of cost product. You don’t have to pay anything for it. But from this post, you may already have understood that the Premium Edition provides all the important features and benefits. This premium quality product has been offered for only $99.95 as per the date of creating this post. After installing the DesktopServer Premium on one computer, the customer support will be provided to that user only. But that does not mean this product can be installed only one computer. ServerPress will allow you to install this on 10 different computers. After purchasing the license, the premium support will be offered for one year. After that, the support facility will be expired though the server will work even after that. And of course, the money refund policy will be offered until 1 month after purchasing.