Servage Hosting Review : Get an Awesome Pricing

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There are some good news and some bad news about the hosting providing companies. The good news is, plenty of companies are there to offer such service. And the bad news is many of those companies are not reliable. Though many companies are reliable, the price of their services may beyond your budget. In this situation, I can suggest you the Servage which is completely reliable company to offer cost effective hosting. The main products and their pricing info are:


Features and Review of the Servage

You can say that, most of the companies are offering the web hosting facility. Then why should one choose the Servage Web Hosting? Let’s get the answer of this question. Actually, this company has offered so many impressive features with the hosting service.

For example, we all know that the servers indicate the performance of the hosting service. That is why, this company has used very powerful hard drives in the servers and those hard drives are completely RAID protected. And the processors used there are multicore. So the high performance are ensured. All the services of the servers support the IPv6.

For the maintenance of the servers, 24/7 monitoring has been ensured by the savage. All the datacenters responsible for this service connect with the largest bandwidth providers. And another main feature is, you will be allowed to integrate as many domains as you want with your account.

Virtual Private Servers

Savage has offered so many features with the virtual private servers. And that is why, you can get this for your website if more privacy is needed. Very high uptime guarantee is one of the main features of this product. And this company also guarantees about the resources like disk space, RAM and others. And you don’t have to worry about the security of your server. Servage will allow you to make your own security setting. For doing so, you can also purchase the SSL certificates.

Completely Affordable Pricing

No matter you choose the web hosting or virtual private servers of Servage, the pricing will be impressive. For enjoying the web hosting, you have to pay only $6.95 in each month. And you will get 750 GB storage with this plan which is very impressive. This plan supports unlimited bandwidth and email accounts. And the most impressive thing is, it has come with very powerful site builder solution. So website creation will be very easy for you now.

Just like the web hosting, the Virtual Private Server of Servage is also very much affordable. You can get started with this package by paying only 19.95 per month as of this post writing time. With this product, you will get 650 MB RAM and 150 GB storage. 5 TB bandwidth has made this plan very attractive. So compare to the features, there is nothing to dislike about the pricing.