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Whenever you will start any business, competition will be there. Similarly, competitors are there for all kinds of online businesses. Hence, tracking the competitors is very much important. But unfortunately, this task is not possible without help of a powerful tracking solution. Serpstat can be considered as one of the best options for this task. Take advantage of our coupon opportunity while purchasing SS. The Serpstat discount is going to be useful.

Features and Review of Serpstat

It is not a good thing to go for war without knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents. Online world has become more competitive than ever. Hence, before starting any campaign, you must know about the competitors. For doing so, I can recommend Serpstat. This solution can find out which keywords are used by them, their ranking, and their other strategies. It is chosen by so many professionals too. Among so many features of it, the following features are most important:

Powerful Keyword Research

We know that keyword research is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization and PPC campaigns. By using Serpstat, you can collect profitable keywords for those campaigns. Actually, it will provide only those keywords which are used by the competitors very much successfully. Each of those keywords must have some performance characteristics. This tracking tool will judge all those characteristics to determine the value of those words. Serpstatcan suggest impressive keyword ideas as well as search suggestions. Using those various, you can generate attractive web contents.

Competitor Research Facility

One of the best features of this tool is its competitor research facility. It will use your domain to find out the competitors automatically. At the same time, it will also detect web performances of those competitors. Very powerful domain vs. domain comparison program has been integrated into this solution. Serpstat has batch analysis facility to deal with maximum 2 hundred domains at a time. Similarly, this tool has very powerful competitor rank tracking facility.

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Plans, Pricing and Coupon of SS

Serpstat is perfect for smaller campaigns as well as larger campaigns. For small campaigns, Plan A of this solution can be selected. It supports only 300 queries in each day and 100 results per report. The monthly cost of this license is only $19 without the coupon as per this post creating time. Plan B of this solution is more cost effective. It is offered for only $69 per month. But it supports 4 thousand queries per day. And most importantly, it can provide 15 thousand results for each report. Serpstat Plan C is available for only 149 USD per month.

It can deal with 6 thousand queries in each day and 40 thousand results per report. Plan D license of this solution can be purchased by paying 299 USD per month. 8 thousand queries and 50 thousand results per report will be offered by it. Free trial version of it is also available.

So, please have the cool tool for rank tracking, back link analysis, keyword research and more with our discount. Hopefully, the Serpstat coupon will meet your requirements.