SEO Administrator Expert Edition Review : Get Amazing Pricing

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Nowadays, even the SEO professionals are using different types of tools for the search engine optimization. For purchasing various tools separately, you may need to pay much. That is why some of the software companies are offering the suites containing all the necessary tools. One of such products is the SEO Administrator Expert Edition.

Other editions of this powerful suite are also available. But this one is more powerful. It is highly recommendable software because of some additional integrated software utilities. Here are the major features of this product which will must attract you:

SEO Administrator Expert Edition

SEO Administrator Expert Edition Review

All the versions of the SEO Administrator have some built in tools. And each of these are very important. For example, the Site Analyzer module will help you find out the broken links and files from your website. Similarly, the Log Analyzer software of this suite has the ability to track and analyze the log files.

Ranking Monitor is one of the most useful tools of the Expert Edition of SEO Administrator. The current site position will be tracked by this tool very efficiently. And it can also track the changes of the positions. Link Popularity Checker and Link Exchange tools are the other modules included in this powerful suite.

Some Additional Tools

There are some tools which are available only with the Expert Edition of SEO Administrator. One of those tools is the Keyword Suggestion Tool. This one is very helpful for choosing the highly relevant keywords. This program can also deal with the key phrases. It has the capability to suggest the perfect keyword combinations depending on the targeted websites. And the competition rate of those selected keywords will also be estimated by this.

SEO Administrator Expert Edition also has the PageRank Analyzed module. This powerful module has the ability to analyze any number of websites to detect the relevant page ranks. Local HTML web pages are also needed to be analyzed. In doing so, the HTML Analyzer module has been added to this powerful SEO suite.

Impressive Pricing Options

I have mentioned earlier that the quality of the SEO Administrator Expert Edition is really high. But attractive thing is, it is more attractive because of its pricing. To purchase the license of this product you have to pay $99 only according to this post creation date. This license can be used in maximum two different home or office computers. You can also get the SEO service with this software suite.

In that case, the total price will be $299 only. The SEO Administrator is available for a number of computers also. The 4 computer license of this suite is offered for 149 USD. And similarly, you have to pay 249 USD for the 10 computer license for it. After purchasing any of these licenses, all the future updates will be provided to you without additional charge.