Newsletter Application Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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Are you looking for very powerful and reliable newsletter application? When you will choose such kind of application that must have the ability to deal with so many emails. And another thing is, the price of that must be affordable so that you can use that for several campaigns. By considering all these, I can suggest you the Sendy which can be considered as very powerful newsletter application. This single application can fulfill all the necessities of the campaigns. There are so many features to describe the Sendy. Here are some of those: Review and Features

After getting this newsletter application from Sendy. co, you don’t have to purchase an additional list management solution. This product will allow you to deal with as many subscribers as you want. It will let you import the subscribers easily and also allow you to delete those. Sometimes you will need to add subscription confirmation pages and other opt-in pages. This application will help you to do so without problem. It is very important to send the Thank You emails to the subscribers. will also help you to send such emails.

Another very important thing is the process with which this application will send the newsletters. Multi-threading will be used by this application for sending the bulk messages. And it will do that via Amazon SES. That is why you don’t have to pay much for running the email campaigns.

Very Attractive Pricing

If you see the other newsletter applications, you will find that those are very costly. Most of these are offered with a high monthly price. But in case of, you don’t have to pay much. The one-time fee of this product is only 59 USD as per the date of writing this post. This pricing can be considered as very attractive because of the efficiency of this product.

Sending the emails can be done by any ordinary application. But it is very important to ensure that those are actually reaching the targeted recipients. Sendy will actually do this for you. And if it cannot perform such efficiently, you will be allowed to get your money back.

Some Other Features

The provide you such newsletter application which will work with the aurtoresponders. No matter what is the number of campaigns, the autoresponders are very important. For such facility, it will send scheduled emails to the subscribers to follow up them. That is how you can easily engage the customers with your brand. Sendy is capable of dealing with multiple brands at the same time.

Beautifully formatter reports will be created by this application. In those reports, you can now so much information related to the campaigns. For example, you can know about the rates of bounces, opens, and clicks, etc. And for each of the campaigns, this product will provide separate report.