Semper Plug-in Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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Search engine optimization is a needed one condition for any site and blog. By assuring this term, you can simply place in the top position and this condition ensures more selling process from any site. To enable this activity, Semper Plug-in is a trusted one platform for the users.

Semper Plug-in Review

Semper Plug-in offers some needed solutions in the SEO section by which the SEO optimization process can be managed easily. All the plugin under this platform is mainly developed with the best functionalities in SEO processing.

The available plugging issued by Semper Plug-in

All in One SEO Pack Pro: This solution is very effective to optimize the corresponding WordPress based site or the blog. It includes the needed conditions and the functions by which you can apply it almost in multiple sites. The developers can obtain the activities from this to organize the active link processing under any site. Besides, the broken link removing process is also available here. Besides, the support subscription can also be maintained through this.

Subscribe2 HTML: This solution is very helpful and it contains the features of Subscribe2 by which you can get the term to send out the HTML notification to the public subscribers.

Roundabout Slider: This program is mainly helpful for the users to preview the corresponding images with a new look. This slider is very helpful for integrating it with the WordPress site or the blogs by which the gallery section can be managed simply.

The features in the SEO section offered by Semper Plug-in

Keyword maintenance: Keyword maintenance is an effective term under the SEO management system. To enable this term, some specified tools are also offered from this platform. By using this, you can observe the active keywords and the needed keywords for your site. Besides, the comparison process of the available keywords in the related websites is also issued here with table formatting.

Link management: In controlling the SEO optimization system, the link management system is a needed one term. To ensure all the activities under this, the active link checking tool is available here. By applying this, you can simply identify the available links and the corrupted links that exist on your site.

The pricing condition under the products of Semper Plug-in

To purchase All in One SEO Pack Pro, you need to pay $39 for a subscription charge. After that, for the support and up-gradation system, you need to pay $10/month or $35 for 6 months or $49 on a year basis. The subscription charge of WordPress Mail Queue is only $29. The support and up-gradation charge of this product is same as the All in One SEO Pack Pro. To purchase Roundabout Slider, $9 is needed to pay.