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Security Task Manager Coupon

Review of Security Task Manager

Neuber Software is the source of some amazing solutions for PCs. People love the products of this brand due to tons of features and affordability. Among some fabulous tools, the Security Task Manager of this company is very impressive. For ensuring strong protection and better performance of your computer, you can choose this product. This tool can be considered as the combination of various important programs. Enjoy the functionalities of STM with the coupon offer. Some of the main features of this product have been discussed below:

Protection Risk Rating

There can be some processes, running silently on the computer, which contains spywares. It is not possible for anybody to detect the risk manually. The Security Task Manager can find out those risky processes very efficiently. The customers of this product will be allowed to access online scanning facility without additional cost. The SpyProtector tool will also be offered to them. The Security Task Manager has the ability to show the hidden functions and CPU usage graph. This tool will let you know the types of all the running processes. Get the product cheaply with our Security Task Manager discount and save some good money for yourself.

Impressive Pricing Options and Coupon

You don’t have to pay much for any of the products of the Neuber Software Company. Price of the Security Task Manager is only 29 USD excluding the coupon. This unit price will be the same in the case of purchasing 2 licenses at the same time. But from 3 licenses, the volume discounts facility will be available. If you want to buy three units of this product, the total cost will only be 45 USD as per this post writing date. That means, the unit price will only be 15 USD. This unit price will be same for up to 99 licenses. It will be reduced to only 10 USD for 100-999 license purchasing at a time. You can also get 1000 or more units of Security Task Manager. In that case, you just have to pay 4 USD/license. Useful money back guarantee is also available with this software.

Full Version Advantages

For all the products, the full version is more powerful than the trial version. It is also true for the Security Task Manager of Neuber Software. After purchasing the full version of it, you will get some additional facilities. We know there are various types of hacker tools. Those tools can monitor the keyboard and mouse activities of the computer. And by doing so, those tools can record the personal information. This product has the security programs to stop those harmful hacker tools. Sometimes, the internet traces can be source of some private information. Those unnecessary traces minimize the system free space also. That is why, the Security Task Manager can eliminate such traces. Traces for all the works done in computer will also be removed by this solution. If there are any unnecessary registry changes, immediately this product will inform you.

In conclusion, Security Task Manager is an exclusive product and the discount offer boosts the attraction of the product. Get the product with Security Task Manager coupon today.