Security Task Manager Review : Get an Awesome Pricing

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Without our knowing or not, there can be various applications running on our computer. Each application takes space on the memory and makes the device slower. And some of the apps are very risky for the whole system. So it is very important to track the processes and programs that are running on the PC. This is not a difficult task at all. You can use the Security Task Manager, which is a product of Neuber Software, for this purpose. This old and popular software company has added various features in this solution. Some of those amazing features are:

Security Task Manager Review

This software will show you the list of all the processes running in your computer. At the same time the CPU usage graph will also be shown by this. You can use the Security Task Manager to know the types of the processes. There can be various hidden functions which can harm your PC system.

This software will find out and let you eliminate those with ease. Unexpected changes of the registries can be done by some of the programs. If that happens, the Security Task Manager will notify you instantly. Unnecessary temporary files of various apps will be eliminated by this software also.

More Advanced Solution

We all know that the Windows OS has its own task manager. That built in program for has the similar features as those of the Security Task Manager. Actually this product will work along with the Windows Task Manager and improve the performance of that. There can be some hidden software which can track the keyboard and mouse activities. This product of Neuber Software will find out those programs and prevent your PC from those.

Similarly the cookies, caches and some temporary files are traces of the internet activities. Those are very harmful for the privacy. The Security Task Manager will eliminate those programs and files completely from your computer.

Reasonable License Pricing

The Neuber Software Company has achieved huge popularity for some reasons. One of those is, it has set reasonable pricing for each of the products. The Security Task Manager is also available at impressive prices. To purchase the single license of it, the necessary cost will be only 29 as of this post writing time. Volume discount facility is also available for this software.

For example, if you purchase 3 licenses at a time, the total cost will only by 45 USD. Similarly, the total price will be 1,000 USD when you will get 100 units of Security Task Manager. For larger organizations, some customers buy 1000 or more products. In such case, the unit price will be only 4 USD. After buying the license of it, you will enjoy the money refund offer for 30 days.