Screen Recorder Genius Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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A huge number of software companies are there to offer some very impressive products. And still they are trying to offer more useful tools to save our time and minimize the difficulties. So it is not easy for a relatively new company to become such famous. But the CorkSoft has become successful to establish its own name in short time.

Screen Recorder Genius Review

The Screen Recorder Genius is one of the products of this company. This screen recording utility can be necessary for different kinds of computer users and professionals. Here are some main features and pricing of this beautiful CorkSoft product:

All Main Features

For this kind of product, it is very important to know how easy that is to handle. You will happy to know that the Screen Recorder Genius is very easy to use. A computer novice will love to use this to record the product screen. You don’t have to record the entire screen all the time. Only the selected window can be recorded perfectly.

After recording the files, it can save those automatically to desired location. The Screen Recorder Genius is capable of recording both the audio and video. You don’t have to go through any difficult key combinations to handle this. The hotkey will help you to manage this very easily.

Suitable for Different Tasks

This product is very much suitable for the employees and students. Different types of video presentations can be created by this very easily. The gamers can also use the Screen Recorder Genius for recording the games. And those will be perfect for sharing to the video channels like YouTube. It has the ability to record the webcams. In doing so, it will work with various chatting apps like Yahoo Messenger and MSN. From the online, it can record the online videos also. If TV card is connected with your computer, the TV programs can be recorded by it.

Pricing & Volume Discounts

When you will purchase single product only, the price will be reasonable. But that will be even more impressive in the case of purchasing more than one unit. Originally the unit cost of the Screen Recorder Pro is 29.95 USD. Now let one customer wants to get 100 units of this. Then he will be charged only 900 USD. That means, the unit cost will be reduced to only 9 USD.

Similarly, for purchasing 500 or more products, the price will be 6 USD for each as of 4 February 2016. These licenses can be used for unlimited personal tasks. The free upgrade facility will be available for lifetime. When the new version will be available, instant notification will be sent to you. The site license of the Screen Recorder Genius is also available for attractive pricing.