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Sometimes one or more important files or data can be lost which may cause many problems. It is not possible to restore those files or data from the computer manually. If you are facing such problem then you must use reliable recovery tools to recover those. Now the problem is there are so many options for you available to the internet. You may be confused while choosing one recovery tool for using on your PC. Several tools can be recommended in this case. One of the good options can be the SaveMyBits software which is full of necessary features.

SaveMyBits Software Review

The main considerable thing of any recovery tool is what type of files and data can be recovered by that. SaveMyBits is very efficient and versatile tool and it can be used for recovering the document files, any type of photos, media files like the audios and videos, and all the other types of files which were saved in the hard drives of the computers. It can recover the files and data which are corrupted due to an unprotected disk partition, faulty operating system installation and unexpected power failure of the computer. Even the missing files of the Windows System can also be recovered with the help of this exclusive software.

Main Benefits of This Software

One of the most attractive features of this product is its very easy and user-friendly interface. You will be able to control all the operations of this recovery software. It offers the data backup program which will help you to create and store the backups of the files and data. If you want to remove any data or file from your computer safely then you can use the data eraser tool on this software. In this case, you can also use the file shredder program of this product and if you remove any file with the help of the file shredder then that file will not be recovered from your computer by any means. That means your personal files will be protected strongly. SaveMyBits also offers the built-in disk defragger tool which can be used for eliminating the disk fragmentation programs very safely from the computer. Though this software is very strong and can execute so many strong operations, it is very light in size. Its operations are very much system friendly and quick.

System Requirements and License Plans

This software can be used in those computers where the Windows operating systems are installed. It is suitable for each of the editions of the Windows OS. It is even compatible with the Windows 8. There are several license plans available for SaveMyBits. It offers licenses for maximum 5 years. You can use it for 3 PCs to maximum 15 different PCs.