RunAWebinar Hosting Solution Review: Get a Cool Pricing

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In case of running professional level webinars, many platforms are available on the market. RunAWebinar is a suitable one among all of them. With this solution, you can simply run your hosted webinars. Besides, the group meetings can also be managed while depending on this.

RunAWebinar Review

RunAWebinar allows all the needed functionalities to start up the webinar based landing page as well as the thank you pages. To record any webinar in an automatic process, this allows the needed conditions.

Why This Solution?

RunAWebinar ensures the user-friendly dashboard section by which you can easily create any webinar. To enable this process, you just need to apply some sequential steps. In case of building up the webinar based registration page, some needed terms are issued here. After that, you can also customize the available registration page. In the customization process, you can edit the needed text as well as the contents of the landing page. Besides, the social media links can also be integrated easily while depending on this.

After that, the users will be able to add the thank you pages with custom mood while depending on this. These thank you, pages can be integrated with the available registration pages. This ensures that, when any viewer registers on your webinar, s/he will be redirected to the thank you page in an automatic way. From the interface section of this, you can control all the webinars. Here, you can make a flexible conversation with your visitors.

Supportive Features inside This

To run RunAWebinar, you don’t need to apply any coding knowledge or technical skill. Besides, it is compatible not only with the Windows platform but also for Mac OS.

Webinar Templates: RunAWebinar offers 4 webinar templates with a built-in feature. The users can use these templates in managing their webinars. To engage the audience, it allows live chatting option. With this option, you can broadcast the needed messages through chatting format. The dashboard section is very flexible under RunAWebinar. Due to having this functionality, the available webinar running process can be controlled by proper timing basis. It also allows some powerful technology to sell the needed products through the webinars.

Additional Support: To upload the slide presentation, RunAWebinar allows an active term. Then, you can also record the needed webinars at any time. When the visitors complete the registration process for any webinar, you may capture them automatically into the subscriber’s list. Moreover, the attendee rates and overall success can simply be monitored through the touch of this.

Pricing Condition of RunAWebinar

RunAWebinar offers two packages. The first one is Monthly package and other is the Yearly package. For the Monthly package, you have to pay only $29.95. In case of getting the Yearly package, only $97 is needed.