Run A Webinar Software : Get an Awesome Pricing

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Normally, most of the webinar platform or the webinar creation software is very difficult to handle. And the easy to use tools are not very powerful. Considering both of these problems, Run A Webinar can be suggested to everybody.

Run A Webinar

Review of the Run A Webinar

This solution will help you to generate various types of webinars as well as group meetings very easily. Complete flexibility will be offered to you and this product can create all of those very fast. This standalone webinar platform does not help from the Google Hangouts. Let’s have a look at some of the main features of this amazing solution:

Full Hosted Webinars

With the help of the Run A Webinar, self-hosted webinars can be created and run on the Firefox browser. For the seminars, you can easily share your screen or upload the slide presentations. Various webinar templates have been added into this software. Using those, you can easily create the webinars in the shortest possible time.

Sometimes, you may need to show your face or other object for the seminars. In those cases, the webcam integration facility of this product will help you. This product has the capability of capturing the leads during the registration of the audiences. Run A Webinar will also allow you to record the seminars very easily.

Multiple Licenses Pricing

Two personal licenses are offered for the Run A Webinar. As compared to the features, the pricing of the licenses can be considered as very attractive. The Monthly Personal Plan is available for only $29.95 per month. And the Yearly Personal License of this product will cost you $97 as of the time when this review is written. No matter which license you will purchase, you will be allowed to run 10 webinars in a month.

And each of those also includes 4 different templates. The premium support facility will be offered to the customers of both licenses of the Run A Webinar. One thing should be considered that the pricing mentioned here is the special launch price. After 7 days the pricing can be increased. So it is the right time to purchase this product.

Impressive Chat Facility

During the webinars, you have to engage the audiences more for better conversion. To do so, you can easily utilize the chat functionality of the Run A Webinar. For this functionality, the audiences will be able to discuss about the webinars among them. Similarly, this product also has the Q & A functionality. For this feature, you can answer the question asked by your audiences very easily.

When you will promote the products, thorough webinars, Run A Webinar will be more effective. It will help you to sell the products directly from the web seminars. The very impressive analytics feature has been added into this. The necessary training facility is also there to know how to use this amazing software.