Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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PC Gaming and online gaming are very much popular nowadays. People are capturing their gaming videos and posting those to the gaming websites. Those can also be found in the video sharing sites frequently. Do you want to do this thing? Then you can do it with the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. This device is one of the most powerful devices of the Roxio brand. This device will not only let you capture the gaming videos, but also let you share those. After considering the features of it, you may take the decision to buy it.

Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Highlights

When you will record the gaming footage to share, it will be very good if you do that in HD format. The Roxio Game Capture HD Pro has the capability record the footage in HD format. To capture the videos, you have to use the HDMI input & output.

Very important feature of this device is, its activities will not interrupt the gaming. Even it will not make that slower. You can connect this to your computer very quickly and easily. Connecting with a CPU is enough for it and it does not require any external power.

Edit with Styles

You may have the intention to edit the gaming videos after recording to make this more attractive. The Game Capture HD Pro of the Roxio brand will let you do that very easily. Considerable thing is its video editing solution is very much advanced. Large number of transitions have been included in this product.

It will also let you use various types of special effects and sounds of the captured video. The normal texts as well as the style texts can be included in the videos. The voice changing program of the video editing tool is very advanced and easy to use. The games which need additional graphics card can be captured and edited by this product of Roxio.

Live Stream Facility

One of the biggest advantages of this device is its live streaming support. After connecting it to your PC, you can stream the videos directly to the live channels. Streaming speed offered by it will be stunning. Amazing offer of this product is, you can use your own voice while streaming the videos. When you will activate the live streaming mode, browser launching will be disabled automatically.

You can also manually share the videos to your social media or other websites by using the Game Capture HD Pro. The necessary software will be provided when you will purchase this device. You will also get the USB cables which are necessary for connecting it. This device can be connected directly with the Xbox and PS4. The setup process of this device is not very difficult. The price of the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro is only $99.99 according to 2 December 2014.