Rootaxcess Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

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The products of the Rootaxcess Company are more than impressive. This company offers not only some types of servers as their products but also some efficient services.

Rootaxcess Review

All these products and services are the reasons behind the amazing popularity of the Rootaxcess Company. Important thing is, all the products and services of this company are available of different packages and plans so that all types of users can choose those as their necessities. Let’s check some products and services of the Rootaxcess.

Dedicated Servers of This Company

The Rootaxcess Company offers the server uptime facilities which have made the dedicated servers of this company so powerful. Allowed bandwidth size is not only the considerable thing for the dedicated servers because the speed of the bandwidth should also be considered. In this case of Rootaxcess dedicated servers, you will get very impressive bandwidth speed. This company has used all the finest technologies to make the performances of the servers so good. You don’t have to be tensed about the security of the dedicated servers of Rootaxcess because all of those are highly secured. Three different packages are available for the dedicated servers of this company. Both the Power and Power Pro packages offer 4 cores processors and those offers 8 GB and 12 GB RAM respectively. The most powerful plan is the Power Performance Pro which includes 16 GB RAM and 6 cores processor.

Impressive Private Hosted Cloud

One of the most important products of the Rootaxcess Company is the Private Hosted Cloud. The performance of the private hosted cloud of this company is very impressive and those are also very much secured and customizable. Most importantly those are totally SSL encrypted. You will be able to use the private hosted cloud of Rootaxcess for various virtual machines. Flexible plans have made the private hosted cloud of this company more attractive. Basic, Standard, and Enterprise are the three plans for the Private Hosted Cloud of Rootaxcess. By choosing the right plan, you will be able to get permission to use the cloud for maximum 100 machines and to get maximum 6 TB bandwidth.

Backup and Recovery Services

With different features, the Rootaxcess Company also offers some services and the Backup and Recovery is one of those. With the help of the backup service, you will be able to store the backups very quickly. To store huge amount of data, it will take only a few minutes. It is very important to provide strong protection to the backups and the Rootaxcess will ensure that all that time. One of the most amazing things is you don’t have to be an expert to use the Backup service of this company. The recovery service is also very strong but easy to use. You will be able to recover the stored data in minutes without any problem. Rootaxcess offers 3 different packages which offer 100 GB, 250 GB, and 500 GB space respectively.