Revealer Keylogger Monitoring Review : Get an Awesome Pricing

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Logixoft Software Company has become so much popular all over the world by providing the Revealer Keylogger which is actually the monitoring software. This product highly recommended for monitoring the targeted laptop or desktop computers.

Why to Choose the Revealer Keylogger

You may think that why you should choose this software though there are so many similar types of products of other popular companies. The reasons why you can choose this product are the features of these are very powerful. Both the Free Version and the Pro Versions are very efficient.

Features of the Free Version of Revealer Keylogger 2.0

Every standard and advanced software program has some basic features and some advanced features. The Revealer Keylogger 2.0 Free version offers only the basic features, though the basic features of this product are very useful also. This version of the Revealer will help you to restrict the users of the targeted computers to open several types of applications without your permission.

This software can also use for recording the keystrokes. So you will be able to get the details on the texts typed from the keyboards. The conversions made from the selected computers. Even the passwords types in that computer can also monitor by the Revealer Keylogger Free version. Before buying the Pro version, you can use this free version to check the performance of it as a basic computer monitoring tool.

Advantages of the Revealer Keylogger Pro

The Pro version of this product has some advanced features including all of those of the Free Version of the same product. That means it can be used for blocking the applications, monitoring the keystrokes and for some other purposes. One of the advanced features of this product is the screen capturing capability of it. That means Revealer Keylogger can be used for taking the screenshot of the monitor of the selected laptop or desktop computers. From those screenshots, you will be able to know which tasks are going on to the computers at any time.

Full invisible mode is another great advantage, most probably the best feature, of the Pro version of the Revealer Keylogger. For this mode, no one will be able to find this from the targeted computer by any means. It cannot be seen in the taskbars or start menu or others.

For the remote monitoring this version of the Revealer Keylogger is very much friendly. It has the capability to send the logs through the emails. It can also use, the local networks to send the logs whenever you want. This product is compatible with all the versions of the Windows operating system. Depending on the device configurations, you can use any of the 32 bit or 64 bit system. The Revealer Keylogger can work with both of those systems.