Response Wise Email Marketing Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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For making your business successful, you have to deal with email marketing or social media marketing. And for doing so, a powerful contact list is very much important. For some large campaigns, it can be necessary to work with multiple lists at the same time. So all these important tasks can be done with the help of Response Wise very easily. This solution will help you to create the effective lists and execute proper social media and email marketing with those.

Response Wise

Response Wise Features and Review

After purchasing any plan of the Response Wise, you don’t have to worry about the email marketing. It offers one of the easiest but powerful email marketing platforms. Some very special pre-made templates have been added there. So starting the campaigns will be very easy for you. Those templates are customizable and gorgeous looking. That does not mean, you always have to use the added templates. Templates from the other platforms can also be integrated into this solution.

Response Wise provides a very easy interface for customizing and editing the templates. With the email campaigns, social media should also be your focus. Social media are the finest media to share the newsletter to a huge number of customers. That is why this platform supports direct integration of social media like Facebook and Twitter. And you will get the detailed reports for social media and email campaigns from this platform.

Flexible Pricing Plans

You don’t have to choose between one or two plans of Response Wise. There are five different plans for choosing. Depending on the number of subscribers, those plans are actually different. If you want to purchase this for 500 subscribers only, then the monthly cost will be only 15 USD. But getting this service for more subscribers is more cost effective. Price of the 2.5 thousand subscriber’s plan is only 30 USD per month.

Similarly, you can get the Response Wise for maximum 25 thousand subscribers. In that case, the monthly price will only be 150 USD. All these plans are completely flexible. That means, you can easily to the upper billing plan by adding more contacts anytime. When you will do that, higher billing will be activated from the next month.

Effective List Management

For any kind of marketing campaigns, list management is very much important. Response Wise offers very efficient list management tools. It will help you to deal with single and multiple lists at the same time, you can easily import the contacts from those lists for your campaigns very easily.

Segmentation of the lists can also be done very easily by using this solution. So you can create as many groups you need for the customers. And all the contacts can be organized very easily and separated into different folders. Response Wise will help you to create and visit the customer logs and profiles anytime you want.