Renee Gifer Review : Get Pricing and Create Fabulous GIF

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Nowadays the social media has become the most popular place for sharing the thoughts. A large number of people all over the world are using the social networks to be connected with others. For sharing various thoughts, animations are very useful. GIF is the most commonly used formats for animations. The main reasons for this popularity are the GIF files are very small in size. That is why those can be watched by many people very easily.

Create Fabulous GIF with Renee Gifer

To create GIF files you can use several software programs. One of the recommendable options is the Renee Gifer. I have mentioned the features of this product in this post.

Renee Gifer

Capture Videos with Ease

Various software components are there which need to download the videos to create GIF. But the Renee Gifer do not need that. It has the very impressive capturing capability with which it can capture the videos directly from the web pages. Even from the local videos, it can capture the videos. No matter what is the types of the videos, this product has the capability of working with those.

For creating the animations, it is very important to deal with the frames. Renee Gifer has the built-in image editor. With the help of this one, you can customize the frames of the animations very easily. For this kind of animations, the subtitles are also very important. That is why this product of Renee brand supports multiple subtitle styles for the same animation.

Advanced GIF Compressor

People create the GIF animations mainly for sharing with the social media. So you have to make those small in size. But in some cases, it is seen that the high-Quality GIFs are of higher size. Those are not suitable for sharing. Renee Gifer advances in this particular field. The very advanced compressing program has been integrated into this software. That is why it can easily compress the high-quality files.

You can customize the speed of the animations with the help of Renee Gifer. Very attractive, speedy animations can be created by this product. The size of the files can be customized with ease. Depending on the network type and speed, you can modify the size of the files without problems.

Trial and Paid Licenses

Two paid licenses of the Renee Gifer have been offered. Each of these is very much powerful. The 1 Year License of this product can be purchased by $29 only. According to 8 November 2015, the cost for the Lifetime Plan is only $39. So it can be understood very easily that the second one is the most attractive plan.

Both of this plan has no default watermark function. So the animations you will create will be completely fresh. But if necessary, you can add custom watermarks. Now let’s talk about the Trial Version which can be enjoyed without cost. The problem of the Renee Gifer Trial version is it contains the default watermark problem.