Cheesesoft Registry Easy Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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Are you looking for a very easy solution for solving the common PC problems? If you are then the Registry Easy of the Cheesesoft can be recommended. Actually, most of the problems are created for the unnecessary registry entries. Those will be repaired by this product. Unlike the other products of the Cheesesoft Company, this one also has lots of features. Multiple pricing plans are also offered for these tools. All the features and pricing plans of this software have been summarized in this post.

Registry Easy

Highlights of the Cheesesoft Registry Easy

From the name of this product, all the functions of it cannot be understood. Actually, it can perform all the operations to make the computers speedier. With the help of the junk file cleaner program, all the unneeded files can be removed very easily. The evidence cleaning tool of this is also very much impressive. The Registry Easy can remove all the unwanted references in the Windows Registry.

There can be several unused programs installed on your computer. Those should be uninstalled to make the system free. This software has built-in uninstalling manager to remove all those installed programs. You can remove the browser histories with this. We all know that the ActiveX can bring more malware and threats on computers. That is why the Cheesesoft Registry Easy can eliminate the ActiveX.

Some New Features

Several new features have been added to this product. That is why it is now more powerful and effective. It will let you create backups of necessary files and data. Various shortcut fixers and repairing programs have been added here. It can not only erase the unnecessary registry, but also optimize the necessary items.

The password recovery tool for Registry Easy can recover the dial-up passwords, MSN and Google Talk passwords and others. Sometimes the large files should be split. And some of the files should be attached to create a bigger one. Cheessoft Registry Easy can do all these tasks with high efficiency.

Multiple Pricing Plans

The single computer license of this product can be purchased by $39.95. But it will be best for you to purchase Cheesesoft Registry Easy for three different computers. In that case, the necessary cost will be only 49.95 USD as per November 7, 2015. Both of these licenses have one-year validity.

This low price, product has three different modes of scanning. For detecting the problems, it has the auto scan and custom scan mode. Even the deep scan mode can also be used for detecting the problems from the entire system. The repairing tasks will be done by the Registry Easy of Cheesesoft very safely. Similarly, it has the automatic cleanup and manual cleanup programs. So it can be said that the pricing of this product is completely reasonable.