RegHunter Pricing | Get Review of Protection and Optimization Software

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The RegHunter is one of those software which are very necessary for the performance and speed of the computers. If you want to do so many things in your PC without any interruption, crashes and freezes, then you can choose this product.

Keep Computer Fast Using RegHunter

You may think that why this one or why not the other similar type of tools? Actually, this review of us is on your question. The main features of this software have been highlighted here to help you to get the answer about its effectiveness and priority.


Registry Remover and PC Cleaner

The most effective built in tools of the RegHunter are its Registry Remover tool and the PC cleaner tool. The first one uses its very powerful scanner to scan the entire PC to find out the unwanted registry files. After finding those it will remove those from your PC. Repairing capability of this product is also very good and that is why the corrupted registry entries will be repaired with it very finely. Various types of programs have been used for creating the PC cleaner tool of the RegHunter. That tool will remove the junk files and all types of temporary files from the computers. Startup remover program of it will ensure little startup time. Disk defrag of this will make the disks very fast.

Other Necessary Features

The system backup feature of the RegHunter is very effective and necessary one. For the Windows registry backup, this product is very useful. If there are so many programs are running at the same time in your computer, then that will not be helpful for the computer health. But in many cases it can be seen that various background processes are going on in the computers. That is why the RegHunter has the capability to detect all the going on process from the computer finely and eliminate the unnecessary processes. The Rollback facility is another great offer of this software. For this one, you will be able to get back to the PC state which was before the operations done by RegHunter.

System Requirements and Price

This software has very few hardware requirements like 256 MB RAM, which can be found in even the lowest quality computers and 75 MB hard drive space. To use the RegHunter to your PC, that device must have the Windows operating system installed in it. You don’t have to worry about the version of that operating system because the RegHunter is friendly with all the version and even the latest Windows 8 version of that OS. The price of it will also attractive and you can treat this product as very cheap one. It can be bought in $29.99 (as of November 16, 2014).