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Recover My Files Coupon

Recover My Files Data Recovery

The GetData Software Company has provided some products which are very much necessary for computers. No matter what type of user you are, there must be a large amount of files and data in your PC. And for some reasons, those can be deleted and need to be restored. Manually this task cannot be done. But using a powerful data recovery software, those can be restored very easily. GetData Recover My Files can be used in those cases. This software can deal with almost all types of lost data. Also there is Recover My Files coupon available. To get this promo, click any of the above standard or professional link. Now, have a look at what this software actually offers.

Supports Different Storages

The Recover My Files software supports different types of storage for getting the deleted data back. It will let you restore the data and files from the computer hard drives, floppy disks and USB storages. It can also get the data from the other media like iPod and cameras. Some people think that if any file is deleted from the recycle bin, then that cannot be recovered again. But the Recover My Files of GetData can restore those also. After reinstalling the Windows, several data can be lost from the hard drive. This product can also bring those back again. There can be some other reasons why the data can be lost. Some of those are the hard disk crash and partitioning error. This powerful software can recover the data no matter why these have been lost.

Some New Features

The Recover My Files v5 has come with various new features. For those features, it has become more powerful and effective. One of those new things is the disk imaging facility. With this, you can create the image of the entire disk of your computer. After the image has been created, you can easily use the image files instead of the original items. Another good thing of the new GetData Recover My Files is the customizable interface. It is not necessary to use the default interface all the times. According to necessity, the users will be allowed to customize that with ease. Sometimes you may forget the file name but can remember the folder where those were stored. This software will show you the folders of the files so that you can easily pick the targeted data. Gallery view has also been added as the new features. For this, you can watch the thumbnail view of all the photos which can be restored.

Impressive Pricing and Coupons

Three types of paid licenses have been offered for the Recover My Files. One of those is the Standard Edition, which without the coupon code and promotion, can be purchased by $69.95. It provides all the features I have been mentioned earlier. As per this post writing time, the price of the Professional Version is only $99.95. It offers the layout customizing and raid recovery features. Recover My Files Technician Edition can be purchased by 349.95USD. It has the dongle activation feature. Each of these licenses can be used in two different PCs. That is why the prices of these can be considered as very attractive.

So having Recover My Files coupon would be helpful to provide the cheaper price. So get this discount coupon on the data recovery software.