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RealThinClient Coupon

RealThinClient Features and Review

Delphi was created mainly for the rapid application development. It was used for the development of the Windows applications. Now it offers highly useful IDE or integrated development environment for various types of desktop and mobile apps. If you are looking for perfect HTTP(S) component for Delphi, then I can suggest you the RealThinClient. Normally this kind of tools are very difficult to handle. But this one can be managed easily compare to the others. Tons of features are offered by this one. And it offers multiple subscriptions too. Get this responsible product with our coupon offer and no coupon code is needed to get this RealThinClient discount. All the important things about this product have been mentioned below:

Easy Application Creation

The components created by RealThinClient are of very high quality. You can check the quality of those very easily. This product will help you to write the HTTP based routers as well as firewall friendly clients. And it can also be used for writing the proxy and reverse proxy servers. Built in encryption facility has made this solution more useful. It will allow you to use the existing codes again and again. Instead of creating new applications, you may prefer to add new functionality to the existing apps. RealThinClient will help you to do so. You will love to use the remote functions. The template based wizards are very much effective for handling the remote functions. This solution is perfect for generating cross platform applications with the help of Delphi.


Completely Affordable Pricing and Discount

Everybody does not need the same things. That is why, two subscription plans are offered for the RealThinClient. The SDK Subscription Plan can be purchased by only 399 EUR without the discount. After purchasing once, you just have to pay 239 EUR in each year as a renewal fee. With this license, you will get full Delphi source code. The Portal Standard Edition of this product is also available for amazing pricing. As of 21 February 2016, purchasing cost for this one is only 489 EUR. This is the pre-order special price. After the release of this product, this price will be increased to 699 EUR. And the yearly renewal fee of this plan is 349 EUR only. 60 days money back guarantee is available with both the subscriptions of the RealThinClient.

Very Impressive Flexibility

For dealing with remote functions, you may need to rely on various complex data types. The RealThinClient will let you work with those very easily by supporting all the data types. For holding the objects of various data types, you can use the complete data types. Some of the supported RTC Types are Float, String, Cardinal, and Boolean, etc. Multi-Threading support is another good feature of the RealThinClient. Sophisticated threading technology has been used in all the components of RTC. That is why, those components will be perfect for working with large number of active connections.