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Sometimes it can be very difficult for you to manage so many products at the same time because there can be large number of terms, conditions and data related to each project and multiple persons should be occupied for monitoring and maintaining those. Even it can be very difficult to manage single largest project in some cases. So you can take help from reliable software which will do the tasks on behalf of you. RationalPlan offers different project management tools for single projects and multiple projects. Some products of this brand have been discussed here.


Different Products and Overview of RationalPlan

This tool can be integrated with the RationalPlan Project Server to get connected with different types of project very easily. The files related to any type of single or multi project can be opened directly with the help of this free of cost product of Rational Plan. In many cases the project viewer tool can provide the necessary data after converting into those other formats. But the conversion of those files may be not desired by you. RationalPlan Project viewer will provide you the files in original formats, all the times, though you can get the files in other formats for suitable printing. The MS project files can be viewed by this without any problem.

Single Project Solution Features

This is one of the most popular products of the RationalPlan Company. It can work with various types of project contents very easily. Project calendar can be created and decorated by this tool. One project can be dependent on so many terms and conditions. You can set those terms and monitor this very easily with the help of this project management solution. For each type of projects, the resources should be fixed and managed properly for achieving the project result.

The amount of human resource and other types of resources can be managed very finely with the RationalPlan Single Project. The cost and timing of the resources can also be monitored nicely with it. Monitoring the project progress is another thing which is very important. This product of the RationalPlan will let you track your project whenever you need. As of 24 October 2014, the price of this product is only $57.

Advantages of Multi Project Tool

All the features of the RationalPlan Single Project management tool are available in the Multi Project tool. But some additional features have made this product more effective. It can be connected with the RationalPlan Project Server. It can not only work with multiple projects, but also create links between the projects depending on several terms. At the same time, it will let you analyze all the project data. The resource management tool of this product is more powerful. You can buy this with only $98 (as of 24 October 2014).