Rapid Email Sender Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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To send out the personalized newsletter to various numbers of recipients in a quick process, Rapid Email Sender is an active tool. This program is very simple to operate. In sending the flyers, newsletter, brochures, this affords all the needed functions. Through this email marketing term, you can maintain the marketing activities quite comfortably.

Rapid Email Sender Review

Rapid Email Sender is suitable for the small business solution and large business firm. While using this, multiple emails sending task can be handled without any complexity. Here, a lot of features have been added to multiple SMTP, mail merging process, direct sending system and the other terms. In processing the email marketing campaigning system, all the helpful issues have been added here.

Main Issues Inside This

Rapid Email Sender offers the users to send out the email directly. Here, you just need to select the needed option inside the SMTP interface section and here you won’t need to specify the SMTP server. You can here use the third party based SMTP server. In SMTP server selecting process, any specific port number can be chosen. While choosing the SMTP server, you can also use various mail providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Email etc. To track down the sending emails, a needed tool is offered here. Through the tracking process of the sending emails, you can recognize the users who have opened the mail and from which machine.

Available Supports issued Here

In the email message sending process, multiple contact list selection processes can be enabled. You can customize the selection process of the email receiver. It enables a built-in editor named as WYSIWYG and through this, you will be able to design the contact manager section. Here, the proper filtering option is also assured to handle the content management issue. In case of merging the function, some suitable activities are offered here. Through these activities, the users can send out the dynamic messages to every recipient. Here, the multiple SMTP servers ensure the users to handle the message delivery process in an accurate way. In case of getting any error in any SMTP server, Rapid Email Sender starts the activities from another server. This also holds the system to import the needed information from excel file, text file, and other document files. In case of any need, you can manage the blocking process of sending function and this process has been added here for the BCC sending. In the email sending process, you can use various formats like plain text, image resource, and HTML format and so on.

Pricing Issue of Rapid Email Sender

To get the overview of this, you can use the trial version. To get the full version of Rapid Email Sender, you need to pay only $40 at a time.