Rackspace Hosting Solution Reviews : Get a Cool Pricing

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A large number of companies or hosting providers provide the managed hosting solutions with different types of features and plans. But most of the customers of managed hosting believe that the Rackspace is the best provider for this type of hosting. Mainly this company offers two types of cloud hosting such as the Public Cloud Hosting and Private Cloud hosting. The Rackspace is also the provider various types of managed hosting. These types of hosting of the Rackspace Company have been discussed below.

Rackspace Review

The Public Cloud Hosting of this company is easily scalable and offers so many powerful features and that is why this type of cloud hosting can be suitable for the e-commerce sites. The cloud servers of this hosting will show high performance all the time. After buying any plan of this type of hosting, you will be able to manage the servers very easily. The cloud server provided by the Rackspace Company also offers the cloud backup facilities and that is why there will be no worry about losing the web content. The disaster recovery facility is another great advantage of this type of hosting. After applying this to your website, you can easily upload large files very easily to that. The pricing plan of the cloud hosting of the Rackspace Company is of different types with different specifications of memory, storage, and bandwidth.

Features of Different Cloud Hosting

Another type of Cloud hosting of the Rackspace is the Private cloud hosting. Rackspace uses various types of powerful and efficient software to handle the private cloud server. For the various data centers offered by this company, you can rely on the private cloud hosting without any tension. Within just an hour, you will be able to apply this type of hosting for your website. The important thing is the Rackspace offer the forum from which you will be able to get help for any problem you face while using the cloud private servers of this company.

Managed Hosting of the Rackspace

The Rackspace managed hosting is packed essential features. If you become the customer of the managed hosting of the Rackspace Company then you will get your own server for the hosting of your website. With the different types of managed servers, the Rackspace Company offers an essential and powerful software firewall so you don’t have to think about the difficulties of managing the servers. Another important thing, you will be able to manage your allowed storage and servers with your own styles. The large size of RAM can be achieved by use with the server. You can monitor the entire server very easily. It is fact that the backup facility is very important for any type of websites. The Rackspace includes the backup system with the Managed Hosting services.