Rackspace Promo Code, Cloud Coupon Code 2015

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Rackspace Promo Code

Hosting Solutions and Cloud Servers of Rackspace

There are many companies which provide high quality hosting facilities for the customer’s websites and some other companies offers several types of servers. Rackspace is one such company which not only offers so much powerful hosting solutions, but also high quality servers. It is not so easy to summarizing the services, products and solutions of this large company. But some of the special offers of the Rackspace Company have been discussed here.

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Exclusive Managed Hosting

Different types of Managed Hosting Solutions of this company will attract you. Managed Dedicated servers of the Rackspace Company offer so many attractive features. Each of such dedicated servers will offer you the firewall facility which can be necessary for protecting the privacy. If you buy a managed dedicated server then you will also get the website monitoring tool and most importantly the backup tool. So, you will not lose any of your important content. Managed Storage of this company is another very important part of the Managed Hosting Solutions. Many companies offer managed storages but the Rackspace offers the storage of maximum 1920 TB, which is really vast in size. You can choose any size of storage by paying specific money. The managed storage of this company offers top class performance. The Rackspace Company also offers three different types of Managed Databases such as the MySQL, Oracle and SQL server databases.

How to get Rackspace promo codes: The details procedure of getting the promotion for Rackspace hosting is mentioned. As coupon code is not available, we have mentioned how you can get the special price above. If you have any query about this Rackspace cloud, please feel free to contact us.

Website Hosting Solution

Almost all the hosting providing companies offer the website hosting solutions. Similarly the Rackspace also offers this type of hosting. But the considerable thing is, this company does not offer single type of website hosting. It offers the web hosting for the normal quality websites and this type of hosting can be chosen for the personal websites or blogs. Another one is the Ecommerce Website hosting which can be used for the websites which you use for your business purposes. If you want to get hosting for the websites of your company or corporation, then you can choose the Corporate Website Hosting solution of the Rackspace Company.

Rackspace Cloud Promo Code

The cloud servers are also offered by the famous Rackspace Company and all these servers are of the full SSD types and that is why those can show perfect disk performance. Another very essential feature for the cloud servers of this company is all of those are very speedy and even speedier than such servers of many popular companies. You may thing about the RAM of the cloud servers. You can take the cloud servers from the Rackspace company with 1 GB to maximum 120 GB RAM which is very impressive. Linux based, Windows based and so many other types of servers can be bought from this popular company.

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