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Printfil – Personal Edition

Printfil Coupon

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Printfil Features and Review

If you want to print anything from the character based applications, you cannot rely on ordinary printer software. For this task, powerful DOS print USB printer will be required. Some companies are there to offer this kind of product. Among those, I can recommend you this tool which is the product of the aSwIt brand. This Windows printing system for various applications contains tons of features. Comparing with those features, pricing of this product is very impressive. If the review of Printfil draws your attention, then purchase it with through our link with the coupon. To get this discount on Printfil, no coupon code is needed. let’s have a look at the pricing and features of this useful software:

Customizable Printing Facility

It has come with customizable printing system. You will be able to get the outputs that you want. Without the help of any third party app, it will let you colorize the fonts with ease. Sometimes, you may need to set the background image for various files. With the help of this product, you can do that without problem. And it can also be used for adding the company logos to the files to be printed. Normally, networked printers can be accessed by using the LPT port. But the Printfil will let you use the networked printers without any help of such port.

Supports Various Printers

There are different printers which can be installed to the Windows control panel. Some of those are GDI, IP and USB printers. The Windows and Virtual printers are also commonly used. The good thing about the Printfil is it can work with all those printers with the same efficiency. So, for each of the printers, you don’t have to rely on separate applications anymore. All the characters of ANSI and OEM as well as Windows default fonts can be used for printing. It will help you export the contents of the PDF files before printing. And you can use the product for protecting the PDF files with password. The targeted files can be sent to multiple printers for printing at the same time. That means, this product will save much of your time.

Flexible Pricing Plans and Coupon

For the Printfil software, aSwIt has offered several editions. For the personal uses, you can get the Personal edition of this product by €49. No matter how many units of this product are purchased, no discount will be offered. But the discounts are offered for the Standard Edition. The single license price of this product is only €79 as per 15 February 2016. But if you purchase 2-10 licenses of this, the unit price will be 44 EUR only. This is the pricing with even including the coupon. In case of 11-40 licenses, this price will be reduced to 40 EUR. Similarly, you can get more than 250 licenses of Printfil. In that case, you have to pay 28 EUR/license. Sometimes, you may need to get this product for unlimited users. Enterprise License is available for such circumstances. And attractive pricing has also been set for that.

The Printfil coupon gives a fabulous opportunity to get the product at a reasonable price. We hope the special pricing comes in handy for you.