PowerPointPipe Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

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In the Windows section, many types of utility software programs are available. PowerPointPipe is such a helpful solution by which the users can obtain the task to search the needed phrases. After completing the searching process, it performs the task to replace the needed phrases across the PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPointPipe Review

Through this solution, you will be able to fix up the broken link through the migration process of PowerPoint hyperlink at the time of renaming the file server. Then, the task of translating process of any file through the search and replacing process can also be handled. Then, you can assure the replacing process of the outdated names, logos, phone numbers, and addresses through this term.

Main activities of PowerPointPipe

PowerPointPipe is applied in the corresponding fields with the supportive conditions. It can easily cope up with the available bugs of Microsoft PowerPoint. To avoid the memory based errors in a quick process from the presentation section, it allows all the needed supports. In case of using this, you will just need to add a pair with searching and replacing issue. In the name changing process like phone number, website and other issues under the corporate section, this tool can be used. In the document migration process, the term of updating of any server will be needed. In this case, you can use PowerPointPipe. It is also able to change the part number of multiple files.

Benefits and Features

To replace the content inside the master slide notes master and related sections, PowerPointPipe is very effective. Then, the replacing process inside the OLE link based path can also be managed here. Besides, the searching and replacing process are also effective for code modules, hyperlink address, text boxes, tables, document properties and in custom properties. It is compatible with the SharePoint services like network storage, Office 365 etc. It can be scheduled or automated through the command line or setting option. Here, the read-only files can easily be skipped or processed. In the original file, the time and date stamp can be stored easily. It won’t alter any type of document file if any change is not made. In fact; in the searching process, there will be no change. The needed settings can simply be saved and these processes are very helpful to handle the multiple jobs. In the presentation processing, there is no limitation for the users. In fact; it is supportive for the entire web server and the file server.

Pricing condition of PowerPointPipe

To get this beneficial program, you need to pay only $899 and this asks a single year maintenance facility. You can also ask for the up-gradation process of the latest version through the price of $270.