Powerfolder Cloud Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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When you will run a company, many of the files and data should be shared with your employees. For all of them, you have to make some of the data accessible. And those data should be stored in the cloud. Storing to the cloud and let them access those are not the only thing you should do. You have thought about the synchronization and security of those stored data. There are various ways with which you can do that. Powerfolder offers you one of the best ways to do that. Here are some features that you can get from this charismatic solution:


Review of the Powerfolder

Actually, both the Business and Enterprise clouds are available at the Powerfolder. First of all, lets know about the Business Cloud of it. This one offers very easy file synchronization and sharing of any targeted devices. So you can now share those with the devices of your customers as well as customers. They will be allowed to access those devices whenever they want. So teamwork can be done very fast, Just like the devices, you can also share and sync the files and data to the clouds.

One of the best features of the Business Cloud of Powerfolder is the central administration. For this feature, all the users, data, devices and storages can be maintained very easily. Most of the other companies offer the same features, but they cannot get success because of low availability. But if you get this solution, there will be high availability al the times. You can use this one new system or any existing systems.

Advanced Enterprise Cloud

You can also choose the Enterprise Cloud of Powerfolder for larger organizations. This solution also provides the similar features of the previous product. But it offers some more power. For example, with this one, you can easily allow or disallow the employees and customers to edit the office documents.

Sometimes, remote deletion can be very urgent. This product will give this power to the admin when necessary. Extended security control is another very good feature of this product. For the active directory integration support Enterprise Cloud of Powerfolder has become very powerful.

Completely Affordable Pricing

If you choose the Business Cloud of Powerfolder, the price per user will remain the same. According to this post creating time, this service is offered for only 9.90 EUR for each user. You can get this service for up to 50 users. And for each of them, only 1TB storage will be allocated. Price per user for Enterprise Cloud has started from 2 EUR.

You can get this for as many users as you want. The most important feature for this is, it will give the users unlimited storage usage facility. That is why, for larger organizations and large number of users, this product of Powerfolder is highly recommended.