PhoneTrans Pro Pricing | Check Review for Transferring Software

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We use the iPhone and Android phones for various tasks what can be done from the computer. One day more daily tasks can be done finely from the mobile phones. So you have to deal with it. Such device can be used as the safe storage for the important data and files. For transferring the data to those, you have to take help from any software. Let’s take a look at one such software.

Usefulness of the PhoneTrans Pro v.4.3.0

An easy to use software should be chosen for transferring the files and data to the iOS devices. This product is of iMobile can be recommended to you. You can use it in any of the Windows or Mac computers. PhoneTrans Pro will let you make your commonly used files duplicable. It can also be used for backing up the favorite media files. The features of this amazing software have been highlighted in this product.

PhoneTrans Pro

Transfer the Contents

It offers the easiest way to transfer the music files to the iPhones or iPads. After getting all those things, you can create the iTunes library without problems. You may know that the iTunes library is not only for the music. You can also store the eBooks, movies and photos there. That is why the PhoneTrans Pro will also let you transfer those files from the computer to the iOS device. The important thing is you can also copy the contents of the iTunes Library to the mobile phones. The playlist that you will create can be customized and copied very easily. When you will copy that, normal data like the ratings, tags etc. will also be copied. One of the common problems is the data of the apps cannot be recovered after reinstallation. But if you have the PhoneTrans Pro then you can do that very easily.

Make Videos Compatible

You may have seen that movies of some format cannot be synchronized by the iOS devices. So you have to choose such video files which are compatible with your device. Normally, for this task, you may need a professional quality converter. PhoneTrans Pro has the built-in converter which will reform the movies into a suitable format while transferring. So you will not face compatibility problems anymore. No matter what you transfer from your computer to the phone, it will do that with highest speed.

Other Important Features

The PhoneTrans Pro also has some other features. The price of it is very much reasonable. As par the post writing time, it can be purchased by only 29.99 USD. You can transfer the files and data from your old phone to new phone by using this software. It is perfectly compatible with all kinds of iOS devices. If new editions of the devices or OS releases, PhoneTrans Pro will also work with those.