PhonePower VOIP Phone Service Provider Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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PhonePower is a very advanced American company which offers voice over IP (VOIP) phone service for home and business organizations. If you have to make phone calls to different countries so many times, then you must pay so many phone bills. If you want to reduce the cost of the phone calls, then you can do that very easily by using the reliable VOIP service. As the PhonePower Company provides so many features with their VOIP service, this company can be one of your best choices.

PhonePower VOIP Phone Service Provider

You can use the PhonePower VOIP service for your personal purpose for your home and then it will allow you to make a phone call to the countries like USA and Canada as much as you want. You can also call to the numbers of other countries. The important thing about the Home Phone Service of this company is it will offer 60 minutes free calling facility for each month so that you can contact with your friends and relatives who stays in other countries.

To make the phone calls, you can use your own phone number without any problem. You can also send faxes to different countries. Cloned line will also be provided to you. Monthly Average plan is one of the three plans of Home Phone Service of PhonePower which costs $8.33 per month. The monthly price of the 24-Month term pack will be $14.95 which includes 2 year contract. The No Contract plan can be purchased by $19.95 as of 30 October 2014.

International Calling Facility

If you want to purchase the VOIP service for making the international calls, then the packages and features of the PhonePower will impress you very much. Three different packages are offered by this company for the international calling. Some common features have been included with each of the packages.

Free mobile phone app has been included with this and you can make the international phone calls by using your mobile number. Like the home phone service of this company, the packages of the international calling also offer the facility of faxing and money back guarantee.

Various Price Plan of the Product

The Unlimited World plan will let you make unlimited phone calls to 28 different countries. The price of this plan is only $19.95 per month, according to 30 October 2014. Unlimited World Plus plan of the PhonePower Company will allow you to contact with the people of 75 different countries with unlimited phone calls and faxes.

To get this pack you have to pay $24.95 per month. The most powerful pack for the international calling service provided by PhonePower Company is the Unlimited World Premium plan which will let you make unlimited calls to 87 different countries of the world. This monthly price of this plan is only $49.95 as of 30 October 2014.